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Matthew Gregory Besser (born September 22, 1967) is an American actor and comedian. He is known for being a regular cast member in the sketch comedy series Upright Citizens Brigade from 1998 to 2000. Besser was also a fake debater on Crossballs: The Debate Show in 2004.


Besser has played the recurring roles of Jerry in Modern Family (2010 to 2016), Crazy Ira in Parks and Recreation (2011 to 2014, starring Amy Poehler), Richard in Fresh Off the Boat (2016 to 2019) and Kelly (Miranda's father) in Haters Back Off (2017).

He has also voice acted on occasion since appearing in The Mighty B!, guest starring on WordGirl, The Life & Times of Tim, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Bob's Burgers and Rick and Morty.

Besser has appeared in the films Dante's Inferno (2007), Undead or Alive (2007), Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007), Bad Teacher (2011) and Good Girls Get High (2018).

On The Mighty B!, Besser voiced The Hippie and Anton St. Germain. He is married to actress Danielle Schneider, known for playing Krista DiMarco in Players and Shayna in Champaign ILL.

Voice credits

Season 1
Episode no. Title Characters voiced
101a "So Happy Together" Judge & Hippie
102a "Bee My Baby" Hippie
103a "Artificial Unintelligence" Judge
105b "Super Secret Weakness" Twin Hillbilly 1 & 2, Council Prez
107a "Doppelfinger" Hippie
109b "Penny Hearts Joey" Hippie & Anton
110a "Ten Little Honeybees" Anton
113b "Name Shame" Anton, Hippie & Fancy Rich Lady
115a "Eye of the Honeybee" Anton & Hippie
116a "Blindsided" Hippie
116b "Hen and Bappy" Hippie
118b "O Say Can Bess See" Hippie
119a "Macro Mayhem" Anton & Hippie
Season 2
202a "What's the Frequency Bessie?" Splint Gruntler, Redneck Man & Hippie
202b "Bee Nice" Hippie & Anton
204a "Hairy Situation" Hippie
209b "Higgenbottom's 7" Hippie
210a "It's B's Party" Hippie
218b "Bang the Drum Timely" Hippie & Emcee
219a "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen" Hippie & Anton
220b "C'mon Get Happy!" Hippie
Voice Actors
Series regulars Amy PoehlerAndy RichterJessica DiCiccoDee Bradley BakerDannah FeinglassGrey DeLisle
Recurring Matt BesserJohn Ross BowieMegan CavanaghJessica ChaffinRob CorddryNiecy NashRob PaulsenKevin Michael RichardsonHal RudnickJustin SteinJill TalleyKenan ThompsonSarah ThyreKeone Young
Guest stars Pamela AdlonWill ArnettMike BellPaul ButcherJamie DenboMathias DoughertyZachary GordonJackée HarryArtie LangeDanny MannDonald NewhouseMike O'MalleySuze OrmanBrian PosehnMaya RudolphDan SchneiderAudrey WasilewskiKen Wilson