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The Millerson residence is where Lola Millerson and her daughter Millie live. Other inhabitants of the house include Millie's pet turtle Chester Turtleton and her grandmother.

Making its debut in "Name Shame," the house looks quite different in the second season. Its final appearance was in "Irritable Bowling Syndrome." Bessie has visited the house several times, as Millie's home is right across the street from Hilary's Café.

It is likely the Millersons moved between seasons, as the season 1 design for their home was not next to Bessie's home. Of all the known rooms in the house, Millie's bedroom is seen most often.


In the first season, the Millerson household has a light brown facade, with a darker shade of brown used on the roof. The windows and doors follow a red color scheme, except for one window which is dark brown. In addition to gray steps leading to the door, a tree is planted right next to the house. There are also two yellow crescent moons on the home.

However, in season 2, the Millerson residence is significantly different in appearance. The house is now purple, having blue canopies and the word "Brown's" written twice over the building in white.

Only three rooms are seen in the home; Lola's room, which has a blue wall, a purple desk supporting a computer, filing cabinets and a pole lamp. The kitchen uses white wallpaper, and consists of tan tiles, a purple door and light brown sink.

Lastly, Millie's room has mauve painting on the wall, a purple light and bed, several pictures (including a rainbow), a wooden desk with a lamp on it, nightstand where Chester sleeps on a moat, blue rug and a table holding her stuffed animals in place.