Millie Millerson

Millie look

Hair Colour
Bright Blonde
Eye Colour
Type of Character
Minor Character
Voice actress
Grey DeLisle
"Mill" by Bessie
First Apperance
Last Apperance
Lisa Millerson (Mother)

Unnamed Nanna (Nanna)
Chester Turtleton (Pet and Friend)
Bessie Higgenbottom (Friend)
Penny Lefcowitz (Friend)
Satha Thomas (Friend)
Portia Gibbons (enemy)

Gwen Wu (mutual)
Known as

Quote1 But you're in the middle of our archery field, Quote2
--Millie along with Bessie and Penny to both Ben and Happy and the Hippie.

Mildred "Millie" Millerson is the only Honeybee scout with a prominent part in several episodes. She has a slow way of talking, and loves shiny or reflective objects, such as tinsel or confetti. She has a pet turtle named Chester Turtleton. Millie tends to be indifferent or passive about recent happenings and sometimes states the obvious. In "Ten Little Honeybees ," she mentioned that she is hypoglycemic. Millie is apparently afraid of clowns, as mentioned by Portia in "Name Shame ". Millie is Bessie's best friend and always trust's her. Millie is of Danish decent,

In the series


Mildred Millie Millerson is described to be quite kind and friendly and a kind loving girl in the Honeybees, as shown she shows emotion to Bessie and Penny, and many others, but is afraid of Portia and Gwen, Gwen once harassed her in "10 Little Honeybees" blaming her for stealing Portia's locket, she once also tried to frame Bessie in "Stuff Happens" after Mr Evil Pants poisoned her mind and used her as his henchwoman, and was known as The Gasslie Graff but later apologies to her friend saying she was sorry and admitted it and the two became friends again,

Her love emotions show her kindness between Bessie and that's simple because whatever she might do she maybe friendly and always kind, but can get enraged if people bully or push her, however it is described is likely Autistic and has Asperger's syndrome which maybe the reason she has a slow voice and maybe the reason she can be silly sometimes and also funny way, she also let Bessie take good care of Chester when she was away, she seems to care little emotion for Chester most of the time, but she hopes someday to find a boyfriend who might be able to help her if the time comes,


  • Chester Turtleton
  • Her grandmother
  • Lisa Millerson
  • Reflective or shiny objects (including tinsels)
  • Confetti
  • Unicorns
  • Dolls (including princesses)
  • Taffy (she made her taffy boxes into a castle in Something's Wrong With This Taffy is a good example)
  • Bessie Higgenbottom
  • Penny Lefcowitz



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