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Mildred "Millie" Millerson is the only background Honeybee scout with a prominent part in several episodes. She has a slow way of talking, and loves shiny or reflective objects, such as tinsel or confetti.

She made her first appearance in "Sweet Sixteenth," but did not speak until "Little Womyn." It wasn't until "Ten Little Honeybees" Millie had more than a minor role in an episode, and thereafter was often featured as part of Bessie's friend group.

Millie has a pet turtle named Chester Turtleton, whom she loves dearly. Millie also has a close bond with her grandmother, whom she calls "Nana." She is friendly and shy, but tends to be indifferent or passive about recent happenings and sometimes states the obvious. Millie is voiced by Grey DeLisle.[3]


Millie is quite kind and friendly towards her fellow Honeybees, especially towards Bessie and Penny, but is one of Portia and Gwen's targets; Gwen bullies her in "Ten Little Honeybees," blaming Millie for stealing Portia's locket and calling her an "idiot" for throwing confetti around.

She also has a tendency to be shy, silly and speak in a slow voice, likely because she is autistic. As such, Millie is rather awkward and is often quiet. When she does speak, it is her stating the obvious (i.e., saying Bessie took her taffy in "Something's Wrong With This Taffy") or sharing anecdotes with her fellow Honeybees.

Bessie points out in "Ten Little Honeybees" that Millie loves anything with a reflective surface, namely tinsel and confetti. She was seen taking streamers from Portia's party, and because of this was a suspect when Portia's locket was presumed stolen.

Millie adores her pet turtle, Chester Turtleton, even bringing him to the Recreation Center in "Hat Trick." Later, in "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride," she entrusts Chester in Bessie's care while away, but becomes upset when Chester prefers to stay with Bessie instead of her. Millie even writes a song to express how much her turtle means to her. Although she comes to accept that Chester enjoys Bessie's company more than hers, Chester ultimately returns to Millie, much to the latter's happiness.

She and Bessie are shown to be good friends (living across the street from each other), particularly in the second season. Bessie is Millie's best friend, with the two trusting each other. Their close friendship is best illustrated in "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride," with Bessie reluctant to keep Chester despite Millie telling her so.

Millie tries to frame Bessie in "Stuffed Happens" after Mr. Evil Pants negatively influenced her and was known as The Ghastly Giraffe (pronounced Grr-affe) but later apologizes to Bessie for her actions, with Bessie forgiving her. Based on this, it can be assumed she is rather fond of giraffes.

She seems to have a very close relationship with her grandmother (Nana, as Millie calls her), with Millie joining her and her grandmother's friends at knitting circles frequently ("To Bee or Not To Bee"). She mentions Nana knitted her Danish vest in "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride."

Millie seems to go on vacations very often, as she has visited the California cities Solvang ("Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride") and Barstow (mentioned in "Irritable Bowling Syndrome").

Physical appearance

Millie is a light-skinned girl who has long blonde hair, which reaches her shoulders. She has brown eyes, silver braces and a red bow in her hair. Like Bessie, Millie is usually seen wearing her Honeybee uniform, though her skirt is a darker shade of yellow. Lastly, Millie has red socks and black shoes.




Bessie Higgenbottom

Millie and Bessie have a solid friendship, with Bessie being Millie's closest human friend. Although they were already on friendly terms during the first season, Bessie and Millie are shown to be closer during season 2. For example, in "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride," Millie trusts Bessie to take care of her pet turtle Chester while away, and is reluctant to keep Chester when Millie believes he likes it better at Bessie's house than hers. Bessie later recruits Millie to help get her dollar back from the bank in "Higgenbottom's 7."

However, there have been some cracks in their friendship. After Bessie accidentally caused Millie to spin around in "O Brother, What Art Thou?," Millie swore revenge by impersonating Bessie and doing bad things under the former's identity in the next episode "Stuffed Happens," with the help of Mr. Evil Pants. Once Mr. Evil Pants is defeated, Millie apologizes for her actions. Also, Bessie seems to find some aspects of Millie's personality to be boring, such as asking Millie to talk about her vacation in Barstow so Bessie could fall asleep ("Irritable Bowling Syndrome").

Portia Gibbons

Portia is rather antagonistic towards Millie, in a similar way to her treatment towards Bessie. She often joins Gwen in bullying Millie, and Portia mentions in "Name Shame" she had told everyone about Millie's fear of clowns. It can be assumed Millie is not particularly fond of Portia either, as she rarely interacts with her outside of group settings.

Gwen Wu

Gwen appears to dislike Millie, calling her an "idiot" due to the fact Millie was throwing confetti around at Portia's half birthday party ("Ten Little Honeybees"). When Bessie proclaims to everyone at the party that Portia's locket had been stolen, Gwen blamed Millie first. Millie also pointed fingers at Gwen, believing the latter's love of lockets was a motive in stealing Portia's, which Gwen denied. Gwen and Millie do not interact much outside of this episode.

Chester Turtleton

Millie adores her pet Chester, often bunny kissing him, though sometimes he bites her nose in response ("Hat Trick"). The two enjoy playing games like checkers together and she feeds Chester bugs if he's been on good behavior. However, the two have had disagreements in the past; Millie mentions in "Irritable Bowling Syndrome" they had an argument over whether Chester should wear a sweater or cardigan while on vacation in Barstow.

Their relationship is focused on in "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride," when Millie goes on vacation and leaves Chester in Bessie's care. Chester grows to enjoy life at the Higgenbottoms more than at Millie's house, and Millie is heartbroken by this revelation when she returns. After Millie sings a heartfelt song about how much she loves Chester, the latter begins missing Millie and returns to her house, much to Millie's happiness.

Lola Millerson

Despite being mother and daughter, Lola and Millie are only ever seen interacting once with each other in the entire series, in the episode "Name Shame." Lola discovers Bessie's cursed middle name is Kajolica, and finds it hysterical, even after her room is destroyed. Lola relays this information to her daughter, with Millie thinking Bessie's middle name as "silly and unexpected." Multiple birds then attack the two, to their horror.

Millie's grandmother

Millie has a strong relationship with her grandmother, whom she affectionately calls "Nana." Millie joins her and other old women on Saturdays to knit ("To Bee or Not to Bee"). Later, in "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride," Millie's grandmother is ecstatic that Chester is returning home, and makes hot water in celebration. Millie mentions in "Old Bee and the Sea" that her Nana has taught her how to untangle yarn while knitting.

Episode appearances

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  1. Bessie refers to Millie as Mildred in "Ten Little Honeybees"
  2. Portia states in "Toot Toot" all members of Troop 828 are 10 years old, except for Bessie.
  3. Perlmutter, David (May 4, 2018). The Encyclopedia of American Animated Television Shows. Page 391. Rowman & Littlefield. International standard book number 9781538103746.

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