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You drove me to quit the Honeybees. You haunted me for 60 long years. And now, at last... yoink! You're mine!

Mona is a former Honeybee scout who is now elderly. After failing to earn the Sock Hop Badge, she quit the Honeybees, and her inability to earn the badge has haunted her for years.

Upon meeting Bessie, Mona tries in vain to steal Bessie's Sock Hop Badge from her, to no avail. With Bessie's help, Mona eventually earns the badge after all.

She makes her sole appearance in "Grumpy Old Bees," and is voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Bessie and Mona meet each other at the End of Days Cafe and Diner, when Bessie notices a Honeybee emblem on Mona's purse. Mona proceeds to tell Bessie she was a Honeybee a long time ago, and Bessie becomes enthralled by Mona's stories of how she earned badges back in the day.

However, Mona talks about her inability to earn the Sock Hop Badge. She tried to earn the badge on the dance floor, but all of the kids laughed at her due to Mona's difficulty dancing. This led to her quitting the troop altogether. In the present, Mona tries to assure herself she didn't need the badge, with Bessie supporting her.

Mona's attitude changes once she sees the Sock Hop Badge in Bessie's room. Although Bessie at first tells her not to touch the badge, Mona is visibly upset about not having a Sock Hop Badge of her own. Bessie decides to leave the room to get Mona some badge handling gloves so she can touch it.

With Bessie looking for the gloves, Mona steals the badge for herself. Once Bessie realizes what Mona did, she chases after the elderly woman. Bessie chastises Mona for what she did, though Mona retorts Bessie has plenty of time to earn the badge again while Mona herself does not. Bessie resolves to help Mona earn the Sock Hop Badge the right way.

Alongside Happy, Bessie helps teach Mona how to dance and stretch, with poor results. After each attempt, Mona attempts to steal the Sock Hop Badge, with traps and Happy stopping her each time. However, Mona eventually succeeds in stealing the badge, resulting in a chase between her and Bessie around town for it. It ends with several objects from Mona's purse falling on the two.

Bessie, having her badge again, considers giving Mona a citizen's arrest, but ultimately decides she can't stay mad at her. Mona continues to retrieve Bessie's badge, and Bessie, who is pushing Mona back so she won't take it, notices Mona's running very fast. This gives Bessie an idea: she can use the badge as bait, causing Mona to dance. This succeeds, as Mona finally earns the Sock Hop Badge that night at the Recreation Center.

Physical appearance

Mona is an elderly light-skinned woman with blue eyes and white hair. She wears a magenta hat, black glasses, tan shirt with a white collar, blue skirt, brown socks and black shoes. Mona also has on lipstick and nail polish, both red in color. She has liver spots and wrinkles, showing her age, and uses a silver walker to aid her in moving. When Mona was younger, she had strawberry blonde hair.


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  • Mona states she failed to get the Sock Hop Badge 60 years ago, meaning she is at least in her late sixties.
  • She claims to be retired, but doesn't state what her job was.
  • Mona wears dentures.
  • In closeups, a mole on her nose and hairy ears can be seen.
  • Mona owns a magenta purse, which she uses to help her stop Bessie.
  • She has a slide whistle stuck under her jaw, and is capable of making noise with it any time she pleases.
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