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"Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride" is the tenth segment of the second season and the forty-ninth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 14, 2009.


Millie asks Bessie to take care of her pet turtle, Chester Turtleton, while she is away, but the turtle enjoys life with the Higgenbottoms so much that he wants to stay with them.


Millie tells her pet Chester Turtleton that she is vacationing in Solvang, California, and in her absence Bessie will take care of him. She assures him that he'll have so much fun with Bessie, that he won't remember to email her.

Bessie and Happy are cleaning the former's bedroom in preparation for Chester's arrival. Millie drops Chester off before she leaves, but she and Chester are both terrified of the things Bessie wants to do with him.

At the beach, Chester swallows an octopus after swimming with Bessie. They put on large sunglasses before Bessie glues glass on Chester's shell to use him as a disco ball. Meanwhile, Millie is on the phone in Solvang, but is disheartened when no one picks up.

With Bessie and Happy, Chester goes gliding on a rope, which results in his shell coming off. Next, he helps serve customers at Hilary's Cafe alongside Bessie, the latter on roller skates. After Bessie uses Chester as a skateboard downtown, he has a huge smile on his face.

While Bessie, Ben, Chester and Happy watch a horror movie, Millie returns from Solvang early to take Chester home. However, he is very reluctant, with Bessie needing to cut her hair (as Chester clung onto it) so they can leave. Although Millie is happy to be reunited with her turtle, Chester thinks differently and returns to the Higgenbottoms.

He keeps escaping Millie's house and returns to Bessie's, with the latter having to return him each time. Millie proceeds to sing a song for Chester, but he simply goes inside his shell so he won't have to hear it. He looks at pictures he's in with Bessie and Happy to drown her out.

Soon, a crying Millie tells Bessie he won't come out of his shell, and when Bessie suggests she try to make things interesting, Millie replies she did that, but became "righteous." She wants Bessie to take Chester, accepting he's happier with the Higgenbottoms than with her.

Sure enough, as Millie leaves, Chester comes out of his shell. Bessie happily announces at the busy cafe that Chester is back, with Happy (who is carrying dishes) replying that she should get back to work. She tells Chester that now he's a member of the family, he won't receive any more special treatment. Chester is then accidentally served as food, to the horror of Bessie.

Chester doesn't have a lot of time to recover as Ben and Happy run around the house, resulting in him falling in the laundry hamper. At night, Bessie wishes Chester a good night, but not before she tells him bad jokes, much to his annoyance. She, Ben and Happy then wake him up as they have a dance party pillow fight.

A tired Chester overhears Millie singing her song from earlier, and remembers life at Millie's house: playing checkers, eating cereal, painting her room and bunny kissing. Having had enough of the Higgenbottoms and missing Millie, Chester flushes himself down the toilet to return to Millie's house. Bessie, who wakes up shortly after, states: "So long, Greenstuff. No hard feelings; life moves pretty fast at Hotel Higgenbottom."

Chester wakes Millie up, with the latter happy to be with her turtle once more. She points out even though she set him free, Chester came back for her. Millie and Chester bunny kiss before they happily go to sleep, as the episode irises out.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Millie & Horrified Patron
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Chester Turtleton
Andy Richter Ben & Male Patron



  • Millie calls her grandmother Nana, who knitted Millie's Danish vest.
  • Millie moved in between seasons, as in season 1 she lived in a different home but here lives across the street from Bessie.
  • Millie has a bag with Chester's initials on it.
  • Chester can't sleep without his stuffed turtle.
  • Millie gives Chester bugs to eat as a treat.
  • Bessie mentions she and Chester will do the following: make sushi, parasail, visit an active volcano, walk a tightrope, learn to drive a stick shift, have brunch in Sausalito and swim with baby sharks.
  • The scary movie Ben, Bessie and Happy watched involved a vampire marrying a werewolf.
  • Millie mentions her grandmother is making hot cups of water in celebration of Chester's return.
  • Inside his shell, Chester is shown to have: headphones, an alien poster, skateboard, basketball, video game controller, lava lamp and bookshelf.
  • Millie plays checkers in an unusual way, with her and Chester both playing black as opposed to regular checkers, something Bessie points out.
  • This episode shows Hilary employs a fry cook at her cafe. Additionally, Bessie serves customers while Happy washes dishes.
  • The lady customer (credited as "Horrified Patron") mentions she ordered the California plate.
  • Ben was eating a ham sandwich before Happy took it.
  • Millie's house has "Brown's" written on it.
  • This marks the second time Bessie tells a joke with a leprechaun, previously done in "Ben Screams for Ice Cream."

Cultural references

Production information

  • This episode was originally titled "Chester Turtleton's Wild Ride."[1]
  • In her sleep, Bessie says "Argh! Argh! Is that any way to talk to a pirate?" which is likely a nod to the fact this episode's sister segment is pirate-themed.
  • Alongside "Bad to the Bee," "Mr. Turtleton's Wild Ride" had 4.3 million viewers when it premiered.[2]
  • The last episode written by Jessica Chaffin, as well as her only contribution to season 2. It is also the final Mighty B storyboard work for both Fred Gonzales and Chris Graham.


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