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So, you won this time, Mighty B. I honor you with this fresh dumpling.

Mr. Wu is the owner of a popular Chinese restaurant in San Francisco called Mr. Wu's Restaurant, a neighborhood favorite,[1] located in Chinatown. He is a friendly man, often playing along with Bessie's Mighty B daydreams whenever she visits his establishment.

Mr. Wu has implied in "Doppelfinger" that he not only owns and operates his restaurant, he also is the chef who cooks the food (whether he had other employees at his restaurant or not is unknown).

His restaurant appears to be successful, as in the aforementioned episode he warned the Higgenbottoms they would have to wait due to being swamped with customers. Mr. Wu is voiced by Keone Young,[2] who is himself Chinese.[3]


He is loved by the Higgenbottom family, especially Bessie. Mr. Wu is shown to be on friendly terms with Bessie's mother and fellow business owner, Hilary. As frequent patrons at his restaurant, he is always happy to see them. In general, Mr. Wu is attentive to his customers and will allow the usage of forks for those not used to chopsticks ("Boston Beean") and serves Bessie zucchini free egg rolls in "Super Secret Weakness."

A kind and unassuming man, he very sweetly humors Bessie in all of her crazy schemes (going along with Bessie's plan to eradicate zucchinis in "Super Secret Weakness") and imaginary mind, although as shown in "We Got the Bee," he escorts practicing drummer Bessie out for throwing her chopsticks accidentally at other customers, showing he does have a limit.

The Nickelodeon website for the show (from 2008) stated he often provides Bessie moral support, though this aspect of his character was rarely seen in the show itself. He is shown speaking to Mr. Lefkowitz and Rocky at Penny's birthday party in "An I See Bee," which implies he is on good terms with the two.

Most prominent in early season 1, his role was de-emphasized as the season wore on, with his last speaking appearance in "Name Shame." However, Mr. Wu did appear several times in the second season in non-speaking cameos, such as wanting to win tickets to a Sugar Boys concert in "Bee Plus One" and attending Bessie and Happy's friendship ceremony in "C'mon Get Happy!."

Physical appearance

Mr. Wu is an overweight Chinese-American man with black hair; his hair sticks out from underneath his cap. Mr. Wu also sports a goatee. He wears a red and yellow cap (red and white in the pilot episode), a white shirt with black buttons, blue jeans and red and white sneakers.


Bessie Higgenbottom

Mr. Wu has been shown to be very fond of Bessie, more than happy to join her as part of Bessie's Mighty B daydreams by playing along, even if he is working. Bessie is his most frequent customer at the restaurant and he greatly appreciates her patronage. That said, Mr. Wu was seen escorting Bessie out of his restaurant in "We Got the Bee" after she accidentally throws chopsticks at nearby customers, showing he won't tolerate Bessie's silliness if it means interfering with his other clientele.

Hilary Higgenbottom

He and Hilary speak to each other only once, in "Doppelfinger." Mr. Wu tells Hilary she and the other Higgenbottoms will have to wait due to being busy with other customers, with Hilary understanding and complimenting Mr. Wu, stating his food is always worth waiting for. This shows that not only does Hilary love Mr. Wu's food, she also respects him as a fellow restaurateur.

Episode appearances

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  • His first name was never revealed.
  • In "So Happy Together," the name of his restaurant is Wu's Chinese Food. This is later changed to Mr. Wu's Restaurant.
  • Mr. Wu is most prominent in "Super Secret Weakness," having five lines of dialogue.
  • He states in "Woodward and Beesting" that his policy is not to disclose what his customers have ordered, though he tells Bessie what Portia ate after she goaded him.
  • "Boston Beean" reveals Mr. Wu understands Cantonese, as he complimented Sissy on her proficiency in the language. He previously exclaimed "aiya!" in "Doppelfinger," a common expression used in Cantonese and Mandarin.
  • Mr. Wu is only seen once without his cap on, in "Name Shame."
  • Having the same surname as Gwen, some fans speculate he is her father, though this has never been confirmed by the show or staff.


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