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Higgenbottom, if you don't do this, you'll never be a Gorilla. Plus, you get to crush your sister's stupid troop.

Murdock is a member of the Gorillas, an all-male troop known for their strict adherence to masculinity. He makes his only appearance in "Gorillas in the Midst."

In that episode, Murdock is shown to be very gruff and tough, and will only allow a boy in the Gorillas if he passes several tests, all of which are physical. He also has very little concept of manners, simply dropping energy drink cans on the ground before leaving the Higgenbottom household.

Bessie manages to fool him and the other Gorillas while disguising herself as Ben, though ultimately Happy joins the troop under Ben's identity. Murdock is voiced by guest star Pamela Adlon, known for portraying Bobby Hill in King of the Hill.


Murdock appears for the first time when he knocks on the Higgenbottom's door, hoping to sell an energy drink called "Gorilla Sweat." Bessie, who has seen the Gorilla troop before, proceeds to ask Murdock several questions regarding his troop.

Becoming visibly annoyed, Murdock tells Bessie that while he appreciates her interest, he tells her that only boys can be a part of the Gorillas. Bessie gets the idea to use her brother Ben to join the Gorillas in her place, despite the latter having little interest in the troop.

Bessie decides to masquerade as Ben so he can join the Gorillas. Murdock is impressed and tells who he believes is Ben to go on second tryouts. With Ben still uninterested, Bessie continues assuming Ben's identity while Ben pretends to be Bessie. Meanwhile, Murdock and the other Gorillas engage in macho behavior, such as wrestling, riding monster trucks and other physical activity.

As the episode continues, it becomes clear Murdock is a chauvinist: he looks down on the Honeybee activities as "girly things" and later tells "Ben" (Bessie) that he can "crush [his] sister's stupid troop" at the Semi-Annual All-Troop Silverware-Free Steak Eating Contest, as Murdock has chosen Bessie to represent the Gorillas. With the threat that Bessie won't be accepted as a Gorilla if she doesn't compete, she reluctantly accepts the offer.

At the contest, Bessie never manages to finish her steak, as she and Ben fight with each other backstage. Ultimately, Happy substitutes as Ben with Murdock and the other Gorillas being none the wiser, and Happy is accepted into the troop.

Physical appearance

Murdock is a light-skinned boy who has green eyes and brown hair. He wears a brown Gorilla scout outfit with red dots on the shoulders, a red handkerchief, tan cowboy hat with a gorilla emblazoned on the back, blue shorts and black shoes. Closeups reveal he has freckles and leg hair, the latter of which would imply he is an adolescent.


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  • Murdock has a birthmark of a gorilla and shark on his right arm, though Ben mistook it for a tattoo.
  • A gorilla shaped buzz cut is visible on the back of his head.
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