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"My Way or the Bee Way" is the twenty-fifth segment of the second season and the sixty-fourth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on December 1, 2010.


Bessie adopts a weed-strewn stretch of highway and makes it a popular road, but later, Portia makes her own and it becomes a competition to see who can get the most customers.


Happy and Bessie are playing fetch, with Bessie catching the Frisbee. When Happy throws it again, he unintentionally ruins Portia's new ponytail. Portia retaliates by shooting the Frisbee with her mouth. Bessie and Happy proceed to chase after it before the Frisbee lands in an unkempt highway.

Upon finding it, Bessie pulls with all her might, only for the weeds to give way to a sign saying "Adopt a Highway." She decides to assume ownership of it, though Happy declines Bessie's offer to take care of it with her.

Bessie gets rid of any waste remaining on the highway before trying to kill the weeds. They fight back, growing in size and using Bessie's shovel against her. While her first attempt to rid of them with a weed wacker is unsuccessful, she later uses a combination of the weed wacker, chainsaws and other sharp utensils, which succeeds in destroying the weeds. With the weeds taken care of, Bessie prepares to give her highway a makeover.

She sets up a fence, waters the grass and jackhammers the ground for construction. Once finished the following day, her highway is thriving with flowers, rock tiles and even a water fountain. A passerby compliments it, receiving taffy as thanks. After trimming trees in her and Happy's likeness, various drivers take notice of Bessie's highway, with one even sniffing Bessie's roses and another crawling all the way from Seattle, Washington to see it for himself.

Mrs. Gibbons drives by, when Portia notices Bessie's highway. Angered at Bessie's success, Portia would rather people pay attention to her. Mary Frances, who wants her daughter to be noticed, allows Portia to adopt the highway next to Bessie's. After Bessie wakes up the next day, she is startled to see a sign modeled after Portia near her highway. As the sign takes up all of the sun's rays, Bessie's highway suffers. She tries to convince Portia to tear her sign down, but the latter refuses before throwing Bessie out for trespassing. Bessie vows to get back at Portia.

Bessie's first attempt entails using a heat lamp to restore her garden to its former glory, only for Portia's sign to eat the lamp. Portia then unveils Running with the Rainbow Unicorns: The Ride, a carousel featuring unicorns which plays the song. Bessie is disappointed in Portia for using unicorns for personal gain, only for multiple unicorn fans to go on the ride. This leaves Bessie's highway looking as neglected as it was when she adopted it. Unbeknownst to Bessie, weeds start sprouting on her highway as she walks away.

In order to get the attention of passersby once more, Bessie constructs a Log Flume, which succeeds. Weeds begin blooming on Portia's property as well. Portia responds by building a laser light show, causing the drivers to park at Portia's highway. This turns into a back and forth battle between Bessie and Portia, as the former creates Old Time Country Jamboree (a barn) and Portia a karaoke car wash. Once Bessie unveils a drive-in movie theater that also functions as a sundae bar, Portia then hires the Sugar Boys to sing her name repeatedly.

Bessie vows to build a cotton candy bounce house when she hears Portia screaming. Although Bessie dismisses it at first, Portia screams again and she witnesses the weeds growing in size, destroying Portia's sign and causing all the passersby to run away in fear. A large amount of weeds reveal themselves on Bessie's property as well, and the weeds work together to trap Bessie and Portia by wrapping itself around the girls. Just then, Happy comes to their rescue, wielding chainsaws and lawnmowers to destroy the weeds. However, the weeds combine to form a weed monster. Happy fights back and diligently cuts up the weeds, eventually killing them once and for all.

Although Bessie believes Happy returned because he wanted to own the highway after all, it turns out he came to inform both Bessie and Portia that their highway adoptions have been revoked by City Hall, on account of each causing too many traffic jams.

Bessie and Portia are upset, but the former realizes they each neglected their highways in the name of fame. She relinquishes the keys to Happy, who reluctantly accepts ownership of her highway. Portia also admits she no longer wanted the highway anyway, finding the sun too hot. As she, Bessie and Happy leave, more weeds attack the camera as the episode ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Portia
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Justin Stein Sugar Boys
Donald Newhouse Driver #2



  • Bessie got rid of the weeds at 3:00 PM on her first day of highway ownership.
  • Bessie's highway is Highway 61, located at mile marker 19.
  • Donald Newhouse, who worked as a security guard at Nickelodeon for twenty years, guest stars in this episode as Driver #2; it is a small role, as he has only one line: "Beautiful garden."
  • One of the trucks passing by works for the Honeybee Taffy Factory.
  • Bessie claims Happy had a nightmare about Portia being a giant.
  • The Sugar Boys are back to normal in this episode, though it is possible "My Way or the Bee Way" could take place chronologically before "Bee Plus One."
  • Portia had 176 visitors and Bessie 175 before the weeds attacked.

Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to the idiom "My way or the highway".
  • When Bessie is on the weed wacker, her pose is modeled after Ed Roth's Rat Fink, which is frequently seen on hot rods and motorcycles.
  • Bessie is seen reading the fairytale Jack and the Beanstalk to her flowers.
  • Bessie references the Woody Guthrie song "This Land Is Your Land" (released in 1945) when she gives Happy her keys.

Production information

  • This episode has a production code of 217A.[2]
  • There was originally a sequence where Bessie imitates Portia saying "my billboard," but this was later cut, likely due to time constraints.[2]


  • The laser in Portia's laser light show is misspelled as "Lazer."


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