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"Night Howl" is the twenty-first segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on September 9, 2008.[1]


When Happy has almost no energy during the day, a concerned Bessie wants to find out why.


Happy has been constantly tired lately and Bessie is beginning to worry. She thinks that Happy's up to something. Bessie begins to do a little snooping around.

Later, Bessie wakes up in the middle of the night to get a water bottle. It's here that she finds Happy missing, and decides to wait for him to return home. Bessie falls asleep and is awakened to find Happy cooking her breakfast, with Bessie even more suspicious of her dog than before.

Wanting to figure out the reason for Happy's lack of energy, Bessie plans to stay awake with him, which leads the two into playing chess and having a yawn battle, yawning to each other back and forth to make the other tired. Then, Happy tricks her by making her watch a pillow commercial and she falls asleep just long enough for him to sneak out. Bessie wakes up to find him driving off in a red car.

She pursues him around San Francisco on her rocket-powered roller skates, with a possum attacking her all the while. When they arrive at Happy's destination, Bessie is concerned Happy is taking part in either cat burgling or armed robbery, but accidentally blows her cover by knocking down nearby oil drums. However, she distracts the guard dog with a biscuit.

With the guard dog away, Bessie enters inside the mysterious area to find out that Happy has been sneaking off to ballroom dance and that he was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Bessie thinks that's perfectly fine, opining "it's perfectly acceptable for boy dogs to dance" and the two even tango. However, Bessie begins to feel tired again, and she falls asleep. Happy has another dog take her home.

When she's gone, Happy whistles, signaling the other dogs there that it's okay. The bartender dog presses a button and the whole place turns into a casino. Happy's been sneaking off to gamble but Bessie doesn't know!


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, SeaCucumber Colony host & Pillow commercial voice
Kevin Michael Richardson Donald the Postman



  • "Night Howl" is predominantly a two-hander, focusing solely on Bessie and Happy with other characters only having a couple lines of dialogue.
  • This marks the first time Bessie watches SeaCucumber Colony, stating Happy also loves the show.
  • The ingredients for Dumpster Delight are: stale bread, goblin dander and fish chunks.
  • Being a child, Bessie orders the nonalcoholic Shirley Temple beverage, specifying to The Dog Bartender he go "easy on the grenadine" and add six cherries.
  • Happy is shown to be an excellent ballroom dancer, something he learned how to do in "So Happy Together."
  • First appearance of Donald, the local mailman.

Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to the term night owl, someone who is most active at night.

Production information

  • First episode storyboarded by Eddie Trigueros.
  • The name of the song where Bessie and Happy dance is "Tango D'Amore A" by Henryk Kuzniak.
  • The song that plays when Happy is driving is "Wanna Come Round" by Everis Pellius.


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