Night Howl

Happy has been constantly tired lately and Bessie is beginning to worry. She thinks that Happy's up to something. Bessie begins to do a little snooping around. Then, Bessie plans to stay awake with Happy, but Happy tricks her and she falls asleep just long enough for him to sneak out. Bessie wakes up to find him driving off in a redmuscle car. She persues him on her rocket-powered roller skates. Then, they arrive at Happy's destination. She thinks that Happy has been sneaking off to ballroom dance and that he was too embarrassed to tell anyone. Bessie thinks that's perfectly fine and she falls asleep. Happy has another dog take her home. When she's gone, Happy whistles, signaling the other dogs there that it's okay. The bartender dog presses a button and the whole place turns into a casino. Happy's been sneaking off to gamble but Bessie doesn't know!

Hat Trick

Bessie is going to be putting on a magic show in order to earn the Ta-Da Badge. While she is practicing a disappearing act with Happy, he sneaks off and Bessie thinks that she made him disappear forever. Then, all of the everyone in San Francisco comes up to the Hive to watch Bessie's magic show. Bessie does a horrible jobwithout Happy. Meanwhile, Happy is out to gamble with his other dog friends in an alleyway. Then, Ben goes to look for Happy. He finds him and brings him back. Happy returns just in time for Bessie's hat trick. Happy uses magic to go into Bessie's hat. Then, when Bessie says the magic words, Happy and many other animals, people, and things come out of the hat. The audience goes wild and Bessie gets the Ta-Da Badge!