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"O Brother, What Art Thou?" is the twenty-sixth segment of the second season and the sixty-fifth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on December 2, 2010.


Ben mistakenly thinks Bessie’s making Happy her Mighty Bee sidekick instead of him, so he decides he’ll be her arch nemesis: the Hurtful Hornet. With the help of Mr. Pants (now Mr. Evil Pants), Ben turns to the dark side.

Meanwhile, Bessie and Happy try to figure out the identity of the Mighty Bee's arch-nemesis after the Hurtful Hornet left his initials - H.H. - on sticky notes.


The episode starts out with Bessie having a Mighty B daydream - specifically, crawling on a skyscraper carrying a backpack full of puppies. In reality, Bessie is climbing at the playground with Happy in tow. She instructs him to turn on a helicopter toy, seguing back to Bessie's imagination. The Mighty B gears up enough strength to throw the copter away from her. Now in reality once more, Bessie wonders what superhero exercises to do next. She mentions wanting to do synchronized flying, but needs Ben to do that.

Ben, who is late, hectically runs as fast as he can to the playground. Bessie complains about Ben's tardiness, stating if he still wants to be her sidekick, he needs to be on time. Bessie asks Happy to fill in for Ben until he arrives. Ben finally makes it, but once he sees Bessie putting a red cape around Happy's neck, he says to himself "I thought I was your sidekick." He watches Bessie and Happy play superheroes in sadness. A frowning Ben takes off his cape and walks away.

At home, an angry Ben eats celery sticks in peanut butter while telling Mr. Pants what happened. Mr. Pants believes Ben should get revenge on Bessie for being replaced. Ben is at first reluctant, but decides to follow his teddy bear's advice. Ben proceeds to cackle maniacally.

While in the cafe, Bessie is enjoying orange juice without pulp. However, a green hand replaces it with orange juice containing pulp. Once taking a sip, Bessie spits it out, and asks herself how this happened. Later, she and Happy are testing Bessie's flying skills. While both are distracted, someone turns the thermostat up to 73 degrees, when before it was 72. Bessie instantly starts sweating, and wonders aloud who would turn the thermostat up to an environmentally unfriendly number.

Bessie gets an answer of sorts when she sees a yellow sticky note, which reads: "Hope you enjoy your pulp and perspiration, Mighty B. Sincerely, your arch-nemesis, H.H.." Bessie is both stunned and excited at the discovery she has an arch-nemesis. She thinks about who it could be, and realizing Happy has the same initials, Bessie worries it's Happy. Happy assures her he goes by his full name: Happy Walter Higgenbottom, thus he is not a suspect.

Wanting to know who her arch-nemesis is, Bessie studies the signature. She believes whoever they are must be criminally insane, blonde and a stress eater. As she continues examining the note for clues, Happy also wonders who H.H. is as he heads for the cafe.

Just then, Bessie hears a snipping sound nearby, and opens her closet to find the aglets on one pair of sneakers have been cut off. Taking this as an opportunity to discover her arch-nemesis, Bessie studies the shoe and finds another sticky note under the tongue. The note is simply diabolical laughter from H.H.

A mysterious figure is heard cackling down the hall, and Bessie, now imagining herself as the Mighty B, sees it's a silhouette of H.H. Mighty B wonders if H.H. is a shadow, but decides he must be a corporal being if he can talk. H.H. warns Mighty B he will destroy her unless she begs for mercy. Declining the offer, Mighty B prepares to attack H.H. until he threatens to cut off a bunny's ears if she makes one more step. After mockingly calling the Mighty B "the Mighty Flea," H.H. disappears.

Back in reality, Bessie tries finding H.H. but fails. Happy uses his sense of smell in hopes of tracking H.H.'s scent, an attempt that proves fruitless. The two hear H.H. laughing, but upon opening Ben's bedroom door find only Ben and Mr. Pants playing jacks together. Bessie proceeds to tell Ben all she knows about H.H. Once she calls her arch-nemesis "Loser LaLoser" and that his wrongdoings are "beginner's ville," Ben tries his best not to take offense.

After Bessie leaves his room, Ben proceeds to put on new pants for Mr. Pants to wear: black with a flame on the side. It is definitively revealed H.H. is Ben, as he is shown putting on H.H.'s costume. Mr. Pants also adopts "Mr. Evil Pants" as his villainous name. Reflecting on what Bessie said about H.H. "bringing his A game," Ben vows to give Bessie his A+ game.

As H.H. is laughing down the hall once more, Bessie and Happy are busy cleaning the former's badges. Ben yells for Bessie, claiming a customer is confused about the difference between nougat and taffy in hopes she'll fall for it. This succeeds, as Bessie and Happy each leave the room to head for the cafe. This allows H.H. to enter Bessie's room and decides to gently smudge one of her badges. However, Mr. Evil Pants advises H.H. to be even more evil. Although initially hesitant, H.H. ultimately steals all of Bessie's badges.

Bessie had forgotten her graphs, and returns to her room to see H.H. putting her badges in his backpack. Seeing H.H. in the flesh at last, she asks who he is. He reveals what the initials H.H. stand for: Hurtful Hornet. Now as the Mighty B, she challenges Hurtful Hornet to a duel. However, Hurtful Hornet asks if Mighty B is interested in why he wants to destroy her, to which Mighty B replies "nah."

Their fight begins. Mighty B and Hurtful Hornet prove to be evenly matched, as each rebound and attack each other back to back. After a few moments, Mighty B gains the upper hand and follows up with multiple attacks, weakening Hurtful Hornet. However, Mr. Evil Pants comes in for the save by smacking himself into Mighty B's face, incapacitating her. Mighty B laments that she wish her sidekick were here, with Hurtful Hornet asking why she isn't calling for him. Mighty B then yells for Ben to help her, which shocks the Hurtful Hornet.

Calling for a time out, Hurtful Hornet states he thought Happy was Bessie's sidekick. Bessie replies that Happy is her senior adviser, not sidekick. She goes on to say only someone as loyal and trustworthy as Ben could be her sidekick. This causes a remorseful Hurtful Hornet to cry, confusing Bessie. She states she'd rather have an arch-nemesis who doesn't cry during battle.

Hurtful Hornet takes off his goggles and mask to reveal Ben. Bessie is surprised by Hurtful Hornet's true identity, claiming he refuses to even play Go Fish against her. Ben apologizes while sobbing, as he explains to her he was under the impression Happy had replaced him as her sidekick. He begs Bessie to keep him as a sidekick candidate. Bessie promises to let the episode's events slide as long as Ben returns her badges.

Ben and Bessie then see Mr. Evil Pants on the windowsill, having Bessie's badges in his backpack. As Bessie tries to reach for them, he falls out the window and lands on a bus. Now imagining themselves as superheroes, Mighty B and Hurtful Hornet try to retrieve both Mr. Evil Pants and Bessie's badges on the bus and later, a hot dog stand. Soon, all three head for the SF Street Fair, where Mighty B and Hurtful Hornet crash into the cotton candy stand.

Upon recovering, the two see exact replicas of Mr. Evil Pants at the Baseball Throw game, and so they try to find Mr. Evil Pants among the numerous teddy bears, angering the fair goers in the process. Mighty B and Hurtful Hornet continue looking for the right one, and are unsuccessful. However, as both notice Nisa won Mr. Evil Pants at the game, they follow her path to try and get him back.

Mighty B and Hurtful Hornet run like the wind, which causes a nearby Millie to spin, who looks at the two in anger. Mighty B uses a baseball to knock Mr. Evil Pants out of Nisa's hands, where he ends up nearly landing into a funnel cake deep fryer. Hurtful Hornet expresses fear at the situation, but Mighty B gives him confidence by stating "You're my brother." Hurtful Hornet is flung by Mighty B to the funnel cake stand, where he successfully saves both Mr. Evil Pants and Bessie's badges.

Now on the cafe's roof, Ben and Bessie are relaxing from their adventure by drinking hot chocolate. Ben is happy to be Bessie's sidekick again, and thinks about changing his alter ego's name to Helpful Hornet. However, Bessie reminds him he's still not her full-time sidekick quite yet, especially after he "arched" her.

Ben insists he simply followed Mr. Evil Pants' orders while a villain, who is now in a straight jacket. Neither Bessie nor Happy believe Ben. As the trio all walk inside, a closeup of Mr. Evil Pants is shown with several flames behind him, a hint for what's to come.


Voice actor Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy



  • Bessie claims superheroes are federally required to drink 3 oranges a day.
  • Happy has his initials (HWH) tattooed on his right fingers.
  • In her closet, Bessie has 14 uniforms, 28 socks, 3 wet suits and a tuxedo.
  • Bessie has written scathing critiques of Herbert Hoover's economic policy.
  • According to Bessie, Ben is overdue for a growth spurt.
  • Ben claims it took several hours to sew his Hurtful Hornet costume.

Cultural references

  • The helicopter going after Mighty B while she was on the skyscraper is a reference to 1933 film King Kong, when airplanes attacked the ape.
  • Bessie was reading about the Jay Treaty while drinking orange juice.
  • When Bessie and Happy think about who could be her arch-nemesis, the names of many celebrities with the initials H.H. are mentioned: professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, jazz pianist Herbie Hancock, magician Harry Houdini (who was previously referenced in "Hat Trick"), the ghost of U.S. President Herbert Hoover and actress Helen Hunt. Bessie also makes mention of the children's game Hungry Hungry Hippos as a possibility.
  • One of the moves Bessie performed, Green Eggs and Slam, is a pun on the Dr. Seuss book Green Eggs and Ham.

Production information

  • When this episode reruns, this part and "Stuffed Happens" are aired together as an hour long episode. This is the only hour long episode in the series.
  • This episode's production code is 212A.[2]
  • Dee Bradley Baker is credited for voicing the "Evil Cats," who do not appear in the finished episode. However, Bessie mentions them at the beginning while rescuing the puppies.
  • Last episode storyboarded by Katie Rice.


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