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"O Say Can Bess See" is the thirty-sixth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 9, 2009.[1]


Bessie cannot see the hidden image in a magical eyeball poster she receives as an award.


At the Rec Center, the Honeybees are all doing their own activities, including Bessie licking envelopes, saving the date for her next birthday, ordering same colored shoelaces and pre-paying her gas bill. Mrs. Gibbons walks into the room, telling Bessie she received a gift from Honeybee Headquarters for selling the most taffy in her region. Bessie is eager to open it, and once she does, sees something she doesn't recognize. Unable to figure out what it is, she calls it too abstract for her, but wants to keep it as a recognition of her achievements.

Millie and Penny, playing patty cake, and Portia, who is applying her makeup, notices the poster, with Penny recognizing the magical eyeball poster instantly. All the Honeybees stare at it, with Millie the first to figure it out. Portia replies "isn't it crazy?" with Penny shouting "I see it!" Bessie believes it's just "a bunch of ink splatters."

Portia asks Bessie if she's ever seen a magical eyeball poster before, as Penny states the point is finding the hidden picture hiding in there. She points where to help Bessie, but the latter still has trouble seeing it. Portia claims Bessie "isn't looking at it right," so Bessie tries harder to decipher it. Millie advises Bessie might see it if she doesn't try too hard, with Bessie questioning that logic. Portia almost tells Bessie what it is, but she covers her ears and begs Portia not to say it. Mrs. Gibbons states it's time to resume their meeting.

As Millie talks about getting ice cream, Bessie desperately keeps staring at the poster. Mrs. Gibbons then tells the girls to give her permission slips by next Saturday for an upcoming event. Later, after the Honeybee meeting is over, Bessie is still trying to figure out what's in the eyeball poster. The next morning, Mrs. Gibbons arrives to see Bessie still inside the Rec Center. She escorts a reluctant Bessie out of the building, as the latter tries to tell Mrs. Gibbons her predicament.

Now in The Hive with her poster, Bessie continues looking at it. A nearby Happy figures out the picture quickly, but Bessie covers his mouth before he can tell her what it is. Happy states Bessie needs to calm down, but Bessie insists she's relaxed and has Happy listen to her rapidly pounding heart. Happy decides he needs to calm Bessie's nerves. The first exercise is meditation, with Happy saying "om." Bessie follows his lead, and at first it works. However, Bessie starts worrying about the smoke detector, polishing her badges and tightening a loose nut for construction workers. Unable to wait any longer, Bessie does all three activities when she should have been meditating. After Happy chastises her, Bessie promises to stay relaxed, once she grabs seashells to calm her. However, when they restart meditating, Bessie shouts "om," distracting Happy.

Next, Happy convinces Bessie to try Tai chi. Just as before, she does well at first, but feels everyone is moving too slowly, and so she does the movements much too fast which results in her unintentionally hurting the others exercising. Happy facepalms, with Bessie defensively saying she's not relaxed. She tells Happy she'll find someone else "who knows about doing nothing." Now at Portia's house, Bessie proceeds to copy her every move while the former is relaxing on the couch drinking soda. As Portia figures out what Bessie is doing, she decides to throw her can on the ground to psych her up. This causes Bessie to quip "Don't you recycle?"

Penny shows Bessie it's easy to relax, as she falls asleep seconds later. A concerned Bessie asks "Penny?" Happy is then shown entering The Hippie's magic/pawn shop, with The Hippie replying "Dude, I still haven't gotten more fake dog poo, so don't even ask." Bessie walks in shortly after, and is shown to not be on speaking terms with Happy. She asks Hippie if he has any special glasses so she can see what's inside the poster. Hippie leads Bessie to a room filled with magical eyeball posters, and points them out for her. When he doesn't mention what is contained in the last one, Bessie runs towards Happy and pleads he give her another chance. Happy is reluctant at first, but relents once she calls him "the master."

Happy takes her to his secret serenity garden, and instructs her to use a rake to separate the sand. However, Bessie does it too far, raking far beyond the area and even over the grassy hill. After Happy stops her, he shows Bessie to do it slowly this time. Bessie succeeds, and so they continue roaming the garden by jumping lightly on lily-pads and bowing towards each other. Bessie tries yet again to see what's inside the poster, with Happy playing the flute to keep her calm. Taking deep breaths, Bessie looks closer at her poster. Eventually, through Bessie's eyes, she begins seeing through the poster. Bessie believes she is in a black hole, and sees colorful images in front of her.

She eventually meets her superhero self (the Mighty B), who is riding a unicorn. The unicorn simply states "Let's do this" before it dissipates. Bessie is now in a bedroom, seeing herself from the other side of the room on a bed. One Bessie disappears, replaced by a now-floating magical eyeball poster, which reveals Bessie herself. Now back to reality, Bessie tells Happy she saw unicorns, balls of light and unidentified creatures (Bessie theorizes fairies or mermaids). She claims everything had been sucked into a black hole, while Happy simply walks toward the poster. With Happy aware Bessie still hasn't figured it out, he draws it for her with a marker. Happy shows Bessie it was a honeybee all along. Now knowing what it is, Bessie turns into water, stating "Yup, now I'm relaxed."


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Matt Besser The Hippie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Unicorn
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons



  • Millie is allergic to cows.
  • Portia was previously shown recycling in "Woodward and Beesting"; however, it's possible Portia simply threw it on the ground due to annoyance of Bessie copying her.
  • The Hippie claimed to see the following things on the eyeball posters: an ostrich eating spaghetti made out of gummy worms, a pirate battle taking place in the desert and Abraham Lincoln brushing a dragon's mane.
  • Some of the objects sold at The Hippie's store include LP's.
  • Happy owns both a back and lumbar massager.
  • When Bessie believes she's inside a black hole, scenes from past episodes (namely "So Happy Together," Name Shame," "Bee Patients" and "To Bee or Not To Bee") play underneath her.
  • This episode aired for the first time as part of Mightiest Mighty B! Week Ever.

Cultural references

  • The title is a pun on the opening lyric to the Star Spangled Banner, "o say can you see."
  • Magical eyeball posters are based off of Magic Eye posters, colorful optical illusions which were a fad during the 1990s.


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