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''Old Bee and the Sea'' is the twentieth segment of the second season and the fifty-ninth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 29, 2010.[1]


Penny gets kidnapped by a mob of gangster fish while on a fishing trip with the honeybees.


Out on a boat, Bessie and the Honeybees hope to earn the Fishing Badge, but Bessie is feeling seasick, nearly puking. Mrs. Gibbons stops her and gives Bessie an antacid to take. Bessie feels better and thanks Mrs. Gibbons; however, she proceeds to see her troop leader melt and turn into a pelican before her very eyes. Mrs. Gibbons states blurred vision is a known side effect of the antacid.

Joining Penny, Bessie asks Penny if any fish have been reeled in yet. She receives an answer shortly after when Penny herself is reeled in by a purple fish, followed by two others who drag her into the ocean with them. A horrified Bessie calls for the fish to stop, to no avail.

The purple fish then introduces himself as Il Baccala, and explains he has kidnapped Penny as vengeance for the Honeybees trying to catch them. Il goes on to say he finds the very act of fishing to be "barbaric" and "insulting." He hopes Penny's disappearance will serve as a warning to Bessie and the other girls not to catch fish. He lastly tells Bessie if even one fish is caught, that Penny will "sleep with the fishes."

Bessie resolves to stop the other girls from fishing to ensure Penny's safety. She proceeds to explain what happened to Penny, but everyone ignores her and continues fishing. Gwen eventually replies that no one believes Bessie because she has had "crazy stories" before. Portia refuses to stop, claiming she enjoys "dominating lesser species."

With nobody on her side, Bessie decides to use her fishing rod so it will tangle everyone else's, making them unable to catch fish. However, Millie untangles the reels using a trick her grandmother uses while knitting. In her next attempt, Bessie uses algae from a nearby life preserver to disguise herself as a sea monster. It works well, as the Honeybees and Mrs. Gibbons are terrified of her. However, Portia sees this as an opportunity to "catch something famous," causing Bessie to run for her life and narrowly escaping Portia. Bessie gives words of encouragement to Penny while in the ocean.

Under the sea, Il Baccala and Penny are playing a game of Go Fish. Back on the boat, Gwen succeeds in catching a fish. A frantic Bessie manages to spare the fish and replace it with a boot. Millie is next to reel one in, with Bessie saving that one as well. Soon, several Honeybees catch fish all at once, running Bessie ragged as she saves them all from being reeled in.

Portia, tired of using an old fashioned fishing rod, decides to use her expensive Fish Sticker 5000 to finally catch a fish. It just so happens that Il Baccala is the very fish she caught. As Il is reeled in, he demands a swordfish be brought in to attack Penny. On land, Bessie notices Portia has Il Baccala, and she proceeds to reel herself into the ocean to save Penny.

Bessie manages to apprehend the guards by using starfish to blind one and eels to daze another. Finally, Bessie battles the swordfish using her fishing rod, until the swordfish misses and slams itself into a wall, now having a crooked nose. With all the fish narrowly defeated, Bessie rescues Penny and uses the swordfish to take them back to the boat.

Mrs. Gibbons gives Bessie the Fishing Badge, believing the swordfish on deck was one she caught. She proceeds to point out Bessie was the only one to catch a fish today, as the others simply caught garbage. Portia protests that she caught a fish, but her mother responds that if it can't be made into sushi, it doesn't count.

Bessie tells the Honeybees Il Baccala is to blame for their fishing mishaps, but Penny pretends she doesn't know what Bessie is talking about. As the Honeybees dismiss Bessie and walk away, Bessie assumes the antacid must have caused her to imagine Il Baccala in the first place. She is thankful that her seasickness is gone, though she throws up several seconds later.

Now alone, Penny releases Il Baccala from a bottle, showing the events of the episode were real after all. Penny tells Il Baccala that one day he will have to repay Penny for saving him, as Penny does the "I'm watching you" gesture multiple times before the episode ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Rob Paulsen Il Baccala
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen



  • Bessie had milk and peppers prior to getting on the boat.
  • Mary Frances had a perfect record of 17 field trips with no vomiting incidents prior to this episode.
  • Penny mentions she used Pizza Padoodles for bait.
  • Mary Frances feels nauseous seeing people wear white after Labor Day.
  • Bessie was unaware fish could talk prior to this episode.
  • According to Bessie, Penny doesn't like tuna melt.
  • Per Gwen, Bessie claimed to have been chased by a werewolf, only it was Happy in a werewolf mask. Bessie still believes werewolves to be real, however.

Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to the Ernest Hemmingway novel The Old Man and the Sea.
  • The name of the antacid, Pepto Dismal, is a parody of Pepto-Bismol.
  • Il Baccala and the other fish are based off of Italian mobsters.
  • Portia bought the Fish Sticker 5000 from B-Bay, a pun on internet auctioning site eBay.
  • Il Baccala states "You will not like me when I'm disappointed," referencing the famous line "You will not like me when I'm angry" from The Incredible Hulk.

Production information

  • End credits list the episode name as "The Old Bee and the Sea."
  • The episode's writer, Brendan Hay, based this episode off a story he had written while in fifth grade.[2]


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