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"One Million Years Bee.C." is the twenty-first segment of the second season and the sixtieth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 29, 2010.[1]


Bessie and Happy go back to the time of the dinosaurs when alongside Penny they find a dinosaur bone. Bessie accidentally insults them in the past which results in her getting chased by them when she accidentally teleports them back to her time.


Happy is digging for Bessie's shoe buffer that he previously buried. Penny arrives soon after, under the impression Bessie and Happy are having a digging contest. Penny and Happy proceed to dig as fast as they can when each discover a large bone in the ground.

As Happy nibbles on the bone, Penny and he fight for it. Bessie pleads her friends stop fighting when she takes the bone away from the two. Examining it, Bessie believes it to be a dinosaur bone, and views this as her chance to earn the Paleontology Badge, which she and Penny had refused to earn in the past as they had to build cardboard dinosaurs to receive it, something Bessie didn't think was "real."

Bessie is satisfied with the bone's discovery. The trio dig all around the park for more, to no avail. Bessie decides it would be easier to go back in time to the Jurassic period and search for dinosaur bones there, though Penny believes it to be a bad idea. Not heeding Penny's advice, Bessie and Happy head for the Time Travel Institute.

She and Happy barge in while two scientists conduct an experiment, and she activates the time machine to send her and Happy to the past. A large hand slaps the two, and within seconds they are now in the Jurassic era. As Happy ventures around his new habitat, he takes notice of an apple tree and nearly bites one before Bessie scolds him for almost violating the one rule of time travel: Don't touch anything or you could dramatically alter the future.

While on the lookout for some bones, Bessie spots three dinosaurs wearing extravagant clothes, having a conversation amongst themselves. After she interrupts, the dinosaurs are surprised by Bessie's presence. She asks them if they have seen any dinosaur bones around, and once Bessie says the words "dead dinosaur," the three become angry with her as an orange dinosaur roars in her face.

The dinosaurs run after her and Happy as the latter two head for the time machine. However, Happy is grabbed by one of the dinosaurs and flung towards their apple tree, where he lands. Bessie doesn't realize this until she had already activated the machine, promising Happy she will come back for him. With Happy left behind, he disobeys Bessie's rule by eating an apple from the tree.

Back in the present, Bessie scrambles to leave the Time Travel Institute, which is soon destroyed by the dinosaurs. The scientists stare in amazement at the spectacle. Meanwhile, Penny has continued digging for other items, as she is constructing a makeshift robot made from materials like wood, garbage cans and a miniature house from the ground.

In the street, Bessie is still trying to outrun the dinosaurs, who are slowly catching up to her. She attempts to make peace with them, apologizing for her insensitivity from earlier. However, this fails, and they continue following her. Passersby react with fear to the dinosaurs as Bessie and the dinosaurs leave the streets for the park, where Penny witnesses the chase. Bessie narrowly escapes after being flung by a tree.

She lands in the community pool, where the dinosaurs simply drink up the water. Just when it seems Bessie is done for, Penny arrives, operating the robot she had made. The dinosaurs find her terrifying and retreat. Penny chases after them, with Bessie telling her to go inside the Time Travel Institute. Penny leads them towards the time machine, with Bessie following behind her. They all go back in time to the Jurassic era.

Happy is being treated like a king, eating various kinds of food and having a tiki-like statue made in his likeness. However, he removes any evidence of this before Bessie notices. As Penny corners the dinosaurs, one whistles for help. Soon after, two large and buff dinosaurs arrive to aid the other dinosaurs. They both attack Penny, who desperately tries to fight back. Happy is ready to leave but Bessie tells him to wait for Penny. A narrowly defeated Penny lands on the time machine, and Happy pulls the lever to return he, Bessie and Penny back to the present.

Bessie had asked Happy if he touched anything while she was gone, but there was not enough time for an answer as Happy quickly pulled the lever. After their adventure, Bessie realizes earning the Paleontology Badge using cardboard dinosaurs is not so bad after all. She and Penny are both surprised to see dogs wearing clothes and walking humans on leashes. A large statue of Happy is even seen in the background. Bessie chastises Happy for changing the present as the episode ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dannah Feinglass Penny & Passerby #2
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Passerby #1, Scientist #1, T-Rex, Brontosaurus & Triceratops



  • Penny implies Bessie has traveled to the past before.
  • Running gag: The scientists trying to create candy rain, but constantly being thwarted by Bessie and her friends.
  • Bessie is allowed to use the time machine for five minutes in exchange for one box of vintage taffy.
  • Bessie calls the dinosaurs cold-blooded; indeed, prior to the 1970s this was believed to be true about dinosaurs, however more recent research indicates otherwise.
  • The Time Travel Institute is located on Market Street, adjacent to Yogurt Palace.
  • Bessie claims Happy smells like leather and lace once returning to the past.
  • Bessie states Happy has street smarts.

Cultural references

  • The title is a pun on the 1966 film One Million Years B.C..
  • Happy eating an apple despite Bessie warning him not to references the biblical story Adam and Eve.
  • Penny's robot having bolts coming out its rear end references people defecating themselves.
  • This episode uses several tropes common in time travel fiction, including that one should not touch anything or else catastrophic events could occur.

Production information

  • This episode's production code is 214B.[2]
  • Voice recording of this episode took place on August 10, 2009.[3]


  • Steve LeCouilliard's last name is misspelled "L'Couilliard" on the title card.
  • Human women are seen tending to Happy after Bessie, Penny and the dinosaurs return to the Jurassic period; human beings did not yet exist at the time dinosaurs roamed the earth, though it's possible this was looked over for comedic effect.


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