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"Penny Hearts Joey" is the eighteenth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 26, 2008.


After Bessie fools around pretending to be Jump'n Joey's mascot, the animatronic Joey the Kangaroo, Penny believes Joey is lonely and takes him home with her.


While on a Honeybee Scout trip to the suburbs at Jump'n Joey's, Penny falls in love with Joey, the animatronic talking, singing kangaroo after he sings "Jumpin' Joey", specifically the lyric "I think that you're a real beaut."

After Joey breaks down, Bessie plays a small joke on Penny by pretending to be Joey, using him as a puppet and saying he doesn't have any friends.

Since Penny believes that Joey himself is saying this, she decides to take him home with her. While Bessie is making waffles in The Hive, Penny arrives with Joey in tow. Bessie and Happy are in shock as Penny and Joey hop away.

She ends up spending a lot of her time with him, from doing arts and crafts together to watching a movie, annoying other moviegoers like Anton due to Joey malfunctioning. With Penny preoccupied with Joey, Bessie begins to feel a little left out.

Meanwhile, the city of San Francisco panics and wonders where Joey went to, especially after his disappearance is reported by Chai Gallagher. Cops are looking for the "kanga napper" and state that they will also arrest any accomplices, to Bessie's horror.

Bessie runs to Penny's house and relays what she heard on the news. Penny, who is busy playing Pineapple with Joey, still refuses to return Joey to the restaurant. Back at home, Bessie feels obligated to call the Kanga Tipline and tell them she knows; however, she is reluctant to do so due to her loyalty to Penny.

While Penny and Joey are playing checkers, he repeats a line about being crazy for Pizza Padoodles. When he can't stop saying it, Penny starts getting frustrated with him. A tearful Penny thinks he misses the restaurant, and heads for Bessie's house to apologize to her.

Now having made up, the two venture off into the suburbs alongside The Hippie, wanting to return Joey to his proper place. After the Hippie drops Joey off at the zoo, Bessie and Penny tell him Joey isn't real and take the Zoo View hot air balloon to get to Jump'n Joey's.

After they return him, Bessie gives Penny and Joey time to bid their farewells. A crying Penny says goodbye and tells him that she had the best time of her life with him, and finishes off with "I'll never forget you Joey!" Joey surprisingly responds back, "Me too Penny; it was the best time of me life."


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Grey DeLisle Portia & Chai Gallagher
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Matt Besser The Hippie & Anton St. Germain
Dee Bradley Baker Petey
Jessica Chaffin Joey



  • Bessie claims watching Joey and his band perform was she and Penny's first concert. This episode may take place before "We Got the Bee."
  • Running gag: Characters insisting Joey is real because he uses batteries.
  • Bessie states there is no Jump'n Joey's in San Francisco; later, Chai Gallagher claims it is a chain of restaurants, implying there are others in the world.
  • This is the first instance in the series where the fictional game Pineapple is shown; it would appear more often in the second season.
    • According to Bessie, there are both "old rules" and "new rules" in the game.
  • Bessie makes waffles when she discovers Penny took Joey with her.
  • Penny and Joey went to the art store Color My Stuff and movie theater Bay Theatre. The film Joey and Penny watch at the movie theater is called The Big Show.
  • The Hippie owns a purple motorcycle.
  • Bessie earned the "Kitty Hawk" badge last summer.
  • The hot air balloon is named "Zoo Views."
  • This episode aired as part of Maximum Higgenbottom Week! when it premiered.
  • The last time this episode (along with "Boston Beean") aired on Nicktoons was February 14, 2016.[1]

Cultural references

Production information

  • This episode's production code is 111A.[2]
  • Penny's voice actress, Dannah Feinglass, wrote the teleplay for this episode.
  • APM/SpongeBob music: When Bessie is on the Zoo View balloon, music from SpongeBob episode title cards Arrgh and Shanghaied "A Pirate's Life For Me" plays in the background.
  • Although the Truck Driver is listed in the credits, he does not appear in this episode, indicating his scene was cut.


  • Anton isn't credited despite speaking.


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