While on a Honeybee Scout trip to the suburbs at Jumping Joey's, Penny falls in love with Joey, the animatronic talking, singing kangaroo. After Joey breaks down, Bessie plays a small joke on Penny by pretending to be Joey, using him as a puppet and saying he dosen't have any friends, which makes Penny decide to take him home and ends up spending alot of her time with him. After the town panics and wonders where Joey went to, Bessie is obligated to call the hotline and tell them she knows. After Joey repeats a line about being crazy for padookles, Penny thinks he misses the resturaunt. With help from The Hippie, they set off on a motorcycle to return Joey to his proper place. After the Hippie drops Joey off at the zoo, Bessie and Penny tell him Joey isn't real and take the Zoo View hot air balloon to get to Jumping Joey's. After they return him, Penny says goodbye and tells him that she had the best time of her life with him. It seems like Joey was real after all when he answers her and calls her by her name.


  • APM/SpongeBob music: When Bessie is on the Zoo View balloon, music from SpongeBob episode title cards Arrgh and Shanghaied "A Pirate's Life For Me" plays in the background.