Penny Lefcowitz
Penny TMB
Full name Penelope Wabigal Lefcowitz
Age 10
Scout troop Honeybee
Hometown San Francisco
Parents Mr. Lefcowitz
Mrs. Lefcowitz
Spouse(s) Joey
Behind the scenes
Voiced by Dannah Feinglass
First appearance So Happy Together
Last appearance Irritable Bowling Syndrome

Penelope Wabigal "Penny" Lefcowitz is a young Honeybee Scout that somewhat resembles an ape.


Penny is somewhat dopey, but is very kind and nice. Penny is Bessie's clumsy, sometimes dim-witted, best friend. However, she also shows loyalty to Portia and Gwen and is occasionally torn between them and Bessie. She has a big heart and is always willing to help her friends, whether it be Bessie or Portia. She shared a kindred friendship with Joey the animatronic kangaroo in "Penny Hearts Joey." In "Bee My Baby" Penny is shown to suffer from asthma, and in "Bee Afraid" she becomes possessed by something evil that came from the dead while telling scary campfire stories. Also when she's alone she eats her own boogers.



  • Math
  • Portia Gibbons
  • Gwen Wu


Bessie Higgenbottom

Bessie is Penny's best friend. Bessie would usually have Penny tag along with her on her adventures.

Portia Gibbons

Sometimes, Penny would join Portia to gang up on Bessie.


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