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Perp Cop is supposedly a police officer in San Francisco, making his sole appearance in "YiPs."

However, it turns out the Perp Cop was a purse snatcher who was the chief's evil twin brother in disguise. He was apprehended at the end of the episode.

Perp Cop's voice was provided by Rob Paulsen, who voices Old Timey Banker among others on the series.


The Perp Cop was convinced by Cop One to fake a purse snatching in order to make Bessie's ride along more interesting. Bessie is confused why the cops let the Perp Cop get away.

She and Happy are surprised to see him at the police station as a cop, and become suspicious after Cop One gives him a dollar bill. After investigating the Perp Cop's locker, they discover the purse, proving definitively it's him.

The duo follow the Perp Cop to the donut shop, where the other cops are seemingly eating donuts. However, Happy makes the shocking discovery that the donut box has several purses inside, revealing Perp Cop genuinely does steal purses.

With his cover blown, he threatens to shoot a jelly filled donut at Happy's head before unmasking himself to reveal Al Capone. Bessie is confused how a dead criminal could be behind all this, until Capone unzips again to reveal the chief of police.

After a series of unmaskings between Bessie and Happy, Happy rips off the chief's face to reveal who is truly behind this: the chief's evil twin brother. As it turns out, the donut shop was the police station all along, and the chief's evil twin is arrested alongside his associates, Bonnie and Clyde.

Physical appearance

While in disguise as the Perp Cop, he has light-skin, balding brown hair and is overweight. He wears a blue police officer's uniform, complete with gold buttons and insignia on the cap. Finally, he wears black shoes for footwear.

Under his real persona (the chief's evil twin brother), he is an elderly overweight man with white hair and brown eyes, looking much like the chief himself. The only exception is he has a red mustache and goatee. His regular attire is seen upon being arrested: a black suit, pants and top hat with a white undershirt and shoes of the same color.



  • He is credited as "Perp Cop" in the credits of "YiPs," thus that is the name used on here.
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