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"Portrait of a Happy" is the thirty-fifth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 8, 2009.[1]


Bessie wants local photographer Fritz to take a picture of her and Happy, but he refuses due to Happy's status as a "primitive life form".


Bessie and Happy look at pictures of Portia and Mrs. Gibbons while waiting for Portia to give her two years worth of taffy order forms. Bessie is amazed by the pictures and wants to know who Fritz is.

Portia explains Fritz is a mall photographer, and Bessie gets the idea to have him take a picture of her and Happy, despite the latter's disinterest. She forces Bessie out of her house and tells her where Fritz's photo studio can be found at the mall.

Bessie finds his studio from Portia's instructions and waits for her picture while Fritz works with a family of five dressed up in prairie clothing. After having a diaper thrown at his face, Fritz asks how he got here, opining his commercial photography isn't art.

Happy alerts Bessie that he has to go to the bathroom. Bessie wants Happy to hold it, but Happy has to go very badly so Bessie relents and lets Happy use the restroom. While Happy is in the bathroom, Fritz meets Bessie and asks who her legal guardian is. A starstruck Bessie hesitates before praising Fritz's backdrops and telling him she wants a picture.

Fritz is shown getting his camera ready while Bessie is dressed as a matador. He is about to take a picture, but Bessie wants Happy to be in it with her. As Happy walks out of the bathroom, Bessie yells "cheese!" Fritz snaps, feeling taking a picture of a dog would be an insult to art. He refuses to take a picture of a dog, and he quits his business.

At home, Bessie assures Happy that he shouldn't take Fritz's rejection personally. Bessie does not want to give up on getting a picture by Fritz and wants to show him how good and amazing Happy is. In her first attempt, Bessie, Fritz and Happy are at a local swimming pool. Bessie shows Happy a can of baby back ribs on the diving board, and he proceeds to take them. However, Bessie sawed the board, causing Happy to fall on Fritz. The ribs end up opened on Fritz's tongue, with Happy jumping in his mouth to eat them.

Next, Fritz is talking to an art dealer at the park, lamenting over the years he believes he wasted at art school. Bessie lures away the art dealer with a diamond ring and uses a bone to make Happy go near Fritz. However, he simply ends up hitting Fritz while desperately reaching for the bone. This fails in impressing Fritz. At the movie theater, Fritz is watching an avant-garde movie with only two other people in attendance: Bessie and Happy. The latter two mock how pretentious the movie is, which only serves to irritate Fritz.

Then, while on the docks, Fritz enjoys painting, that is until he hears Bessie's voice. Bessie makes a reluctant Happy juggle hot potatoes. After Bessie uses flaming batons, Happy dodges them only for the batons to burn Fritz. An apologetic Bessie assures Fritz that she didn't mean to hurt him and only wanted to show him how important Happy was to her. Fritz, having had enough of Bessie's shenanigans, assures the girl that he will never take a picture of the two of them. When Bessie asks "Never?", Fritz shouts "Nein!"

Hurt by Fritz's rejection, Bessie begins to cry her eyes out. She wails on the walk home and continues weeping on her bed. Happy looks at Bessie with raised eyes, not used to seeing his best friend feel utterly defeated. She is unable to move on, crying for what seems to be days on end. Happy checks on a still upset Bessie periodically, feeling very sorry for her. Happy gets gussied up and confronts Fritz at the mall during closing hours. Fritz is startled by Happy's entrance, and accidentally takes a bunch of pictures of a crazed Happy as well as himself.

Fritz soon afterward returns to Bessie, whose room is now a literal river of tears. Although Fritz looks angry at first, he admits to Bessie he believes Happy is a "true inspiration" and stated he helped Fritz with the latter's creative rut. He apologizes for not acknowledging Happy's genius and asks Bessie to sign a form to grant him permission to sell the photos.

At an art show, several art dealers praise the photos of Happy. Bessie does not understand the appeal (preferring Fritz's earlier work), but agrees to let Fritz sell Happy's pictures on one condition: that Bessie gets the photo she always wanted of her and Happy. Fritz is happy to oblige.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie, Girl & Art Dealer #2
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Fritz & Art Dealer #3
Grey DeLisle Portia & Art Dealer #1



  • One of Fritz's favorite subjects appears to be the Hobo clown (from "Toot Toot"), having taken a picture of him and painting a portrait.
  • Fritz states it costs $90.95 for him to take a picture.
  • Fritz went to art school for 12 years, and considered being a travel agent.
  • Happy's rarely seen dog tag is shown in this episode, having a golden color.
  • When Fritz is taking several pictures of Happy at the mall, one shows him as a flower.
  • Premiered as part of Mightiest Mighty B! Week Ever.

Cultural references

  • A dog Fritz photographed bears a resemblance to Hong Kong Phooey.
  • In the scene shortly after Fritz shouts "Nein!" to Bessie, the characters from Madeline are shown as background characters to the left of Bessie.
  • When Fritz is taking photos of himself in his studio, he mentions the surnames of famous artists; one was Andy Warhol.
  • In the scene where Fritz is taking several pictures of Happy, one features him wearing a banana suit. This references the Buckwheat Boyz 2001 song "Peanut Butter Jelly Time," which became an internet meme due to the dancing banana featured in the music video.

Production information

  • Bessie's voice cracking from "Hen and Bappy" is reused when she sees Fritz for the first time.


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