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Precious Gibbons is a one-time character, who only appeared in the pilot episode "So Happy Together". Precious used to be owned by Portia.

At first glance, she appears to be a dog, but is later revealed to be another animal. As Precious does not make any sounds, she has no voice actress.

As Precious is never seen again after this, it's clear Portia gave the rat up. For this reason, what became of Precious after the dog show is unknown.


Precious is first seen when Bessie talks to Gwen, Penny and Portia. Gwen claims Precious to be a purebred, while Portia mentions she's training her in order to receive the Animal Appreciation badge.

It's because of this that Bessie wants to earn the badge herself, resulting in her adoption of Happy. Before the dog show, Bessie compliments Precious by stating she's pretty, though Gwen and Portia rebuff her.

At the fashion show, Portia and Precious walk as if it's a catwalk, where some audience members take pictures of the two. When Bessie and Happy perform at the dog show and win over the audience, Anton claims it's a tie between him and Precious, drawing the ire of the audience while also displeasing Portia and her mother, Mrs. Gibbons.

As judge, he breaks the tie by declaring whichever dog has higher breeding will win. Declaring Happy as a "beat up mutt," he crowns Precious as the winner. Bessie takes her defeat well and makes a speech, prompting Rocky to state that's genuine animal appreciation.

Mary Frances argues that Precious is a show dog and deserves her win. Anton attempts to prove that point by showing off Precious' teeth, but discovers to his horror that Precious is actually a rat, not a dog. The reveal shocks Portia, who makes several noises before fainting on stage. Ben and Rocky rub in the fact Portia kissed a rat all this time.

Physical appearance

Precious is a rat who has cream fur and a red nose. While owned by Portia, she wore a blue tiara and red dog collar with crystals on it.



  • This character is based on a widely-known urban legend about a woman mistaking a large Mexican rat for a small dog. The untrue story has also been referenced in Murphy Brown.[1]
  • A black rat with the same design as Precious' true form is seen in "Tour D'Alcatraz."


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