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"Public Enembee" is the thirty-first segment of the second season and the seventieth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on May 29, 2011.


Bessie accidentally trips the fire alarm during Fire Safety Week.


The episode starts out with Bessie and Happy in handcuffs and their faces covered, escorted by police as they head towards the police station. The citizens of San Francisco look on, taking pictures of the two as they walk by. Inside, the two have their finger prints done before the girl and dog head for their shared jail cell. Bessie proceeds to explain to the audience what led to she and Happy's imprisonment.

Two days prior, Mrs. Gibbons was instructing the Honeybees about fire safety. Using Penny to demonstrate, she tells the girls to stop, drop and roll if they're ever on fire. Bessie wonders aloud if personal safety should be focused on rather than public safety, and informs Mrs. Gibbons she has flash cards on hand. An irritated Mary Frances shreds them.

Back on fire safety, Mrs. Gibbons tells the girls one should not pull the fire alarm unless a fire is present, otherwise a Honeybee will face severe consequences, from fines to even jail time. After the lesson, Bessie checks the walls and smoke detector to ensure they're compliant and tests out the stop, drop and roll method.

Then, Bessie decides to adjust the glass panel on the fire alarm, unintentionally turning it on in the process. The alarm sprays pink ink all over her face. The girls all run outside, while Mrs. Gibbons mourns her broken nails. Bessie quietly flees the scene.

Downtown, Bessie sees her reflection and notices the ink on her face. Soon after, a flyer is blown into her face by the wind, which is looking for the "fire alarm fugitive." The reward is six miles of sausages. She runs home as fast as she can, and once inside Bessie overhears a news anchor upping the prize from six miles to eight. Happy, who is watching the news, wants to find the fugitive to earn the bounty of sausages. Bessie shouts Happy's name in frustration, nearly blowing her cover before thinking quickly and putting flour on her face to hide the ink.

In the bathroom, Bessie tries to remove the ink on her face with water and soap, to no avail. After using a pencil (which only erases her face, not the ink) and a floor buffer, Bessie hastily decides to put on a mime outfit and makeup. Happy wants Bessie to join him on his bounty hunting mission, though Bessie is reluctant. Happy has to drag Bessie out of the house so she can go with him.

She and Happy look all over town for the fire alarm fugitive, but everyone they interview have no leads. A frustrated Happy kicks everything in sight when Bessie notices the mime makeup she's wearing is starting to wear off. She decides to tie a squirrel over her face to hide the ink. Bessie attempts to comfort Happy, saying they have discount hot dogs out home he can eat. The two end up at the very same alley Bessie disposed of her ink covered uniform, and upon realizing this Bessie tries to distract Happy. It fails, and Happy quickly deduces the uniform can only be Bessie's. Bessie shoots a dog bone out of a cannon so Happy won't follow her every move.

Later, at the dinner table, Happy is surprised by Bessie wearing a Frankenstein mask. Happy unmasks her to reveal a Luchador mask and various others until seemingly coming across Bessie's true face. However, Happy is suspicious. He rips off the mask, showing Bessie's real face is bandaged in gauze. She insists Happy not take the bandages off, but a fight breaks out between the two, resulting in Bessie's ink covered face being revealed.

With Bessie's status as the fire alarm fugitive now known for certain, Happy follows her around the house to get his sausages. They end up in a sewer, with Happy ready to put handcuffs on her. However, Bessie manages to handcuff herself to Happy. She wants to show him how the fire alarm incident happened, but Happy would rather take her to the police station. After a back and forth battle, she tickles Happy with a feather, which sends the two heading for the Recreation Center.

There, Bessie shows Happy that the fire alarm was accidentally set off because she fixed the glass. Unfortunately, Happy makes the same mistake Bessie did, setting off the fire alarm once again and covering his face in the same ink. Mrs. Gibbons catches the two, claiming she knew all along they were the culprits. Bessie and Happy are promptly arrested. Mrs. Gibbons, who also happens to be the judge, sentences the two to 600 minutes (in other words, 10 hours) of community service, teaching fire safety while in prison. The duo are shown teaching bored inmates about fire safety when they accidentally set off the prison's fire alarm, ending the episode.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Male Anchor & Squirrel
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Dannah Feinglass Penny



  • The smoke detector's batteries will have to be changed in a year, per Bessie's estimate.
  • Mrs. Gibbons wears glued on nails and a cucumber face mask while at home.
  • Bessie claims to always wear a backup uniform.
  • Bessie wears her mime outfit from "Name Shame."
  • While angry, Happy kicked a garbage can, punched a potted plant, ate and spat out a cat in addition to kicking a car and baby carriage.
  • A list of masks Bessie wore at the dinner table:
    • Frankenstein
    • Luchador mask
    • President
    • Dracula
    • Ugly girl
    • Bessie Higgenbottom
  • Happy claims to have gone to online medical school, which Bessie says is false.
  • Happy was previously arrested in "B-Chip."
  • Happy's inmate identification number is 00491501.
  • Bessie and Happy had nine hours of community service left when the fire alarm was pulled at prison.
  • Except for the beginning and end, this is the only episode to take place predominantly in the past.

Cultural references

Production information

  • Per the episode's storyboard artist (Matt Whitlock), the original title was "Public Enebee."[1]
  • According to Bill Wray, Carey Yost and Eddie Trigueros drew the episode's title card.[2]


  • Bessie's inmate identification number is 32456 on the title card, but in the actual episode it is 00527180.


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