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Oh, shall we call your mother?

The Receptionist works as a receptionist for both Happy Pet Vet and the human hospital Cheery Chump's Doctor's Office.

Bessie meets her twice in one day. She convinces the young girl to get her booster shot as Bessie is due for one.

The Receptionist is voiced by Jessica Chaffin, a writer for the series.


The receptionist first appears at Happy Pet Vet, letting patients know when to go inside to see Doctor/Vet. Bessie is surprised to see her again at the doctor's office as the receptionist informs her Bessie's usual doctor is not present and she will be seeing a new one.

While looking at Bessie's patient profile, the receptionist tells her Bessie is scheduled to have her booster shot today. Bessie tries telling her she only came to the hospital for her scraped knee, but the receptionist assures Bessie the shot will only take a second. Bessie declines, followed by the receptionist threatening to call Bessie's mother on her. Bessie reluctantly goes through with the shot as a result.

Physical appearance

The Receptionist is a slender light-skinned woman with blue eyes and red curly hair. She wears a green sweater, white undershirt, hat of the same color with a black stripe, black glasses and pink lipstick. Closeups reveal she has rotting teeth.



  • The receptionist is not named in the episode; Receptionist is used as this is how she is credited.
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