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Ticket, fry. Ticket, fry. Ticket, fry. Ticket...

Ride Guy works as the ticket taker for San Francisco's local roller coaster ride The Punisher. He makes his sole appearance in "Sweet Sixteenth."

As Bessie is one sixteenth of an inch too short, he refuses to let her on the ride, resulting in Bessie trying to get on in various, unsuccessful attempts.

He speaks in a calm, almost deadpan voice. Ride Guy often says "dude" and "'kay," as well as really enjoying French fries, to the point he will snack on them while at work. He was voiced by guest star Brian Posehn, famous for being a comedian.


Ride Guy and Bessie meet while he's taking tickets for The Punisher. Bessie is devastated when he tells her she's too short to go on the ride, and she resolves to find ways to make herself taller.

However, the Ride Guy sees through Bessie's attempts and refuses to let her pass. After he says "Nice try, small fry," Ride Guy is reminded of his love of French fries, and chastises Bessie for talking about fries if she won't give him some. He loves fries so much he even eats one off the ground.

With Ride Guy now eating fries and ticket taking simultaneously, Bessie finally gives up. However, Happy threatens to tell Ride Guy's boss and get him in trouble, causing Ride Guy to point out his job is "stressful," from lever pulling to taking tickets. Happy refuses to back down and Ride Guy ultimately gives in, finally letting Bessie and Happy on the ride.

Physical appearance

The Ride Guy is a light-skinned man who has long red hair, along with a green cap. He has a five o' clock shadow and visible chest hair. For attire, Ride Guy wears a green sleeveless shirt, blue jeans cut to the knees, striped socks of the same color in addition to black and white sneakers.



  • He is never named in the episode; Ride Guy is used as this is how the character is credited.
  • Reused dialogue of Ride Guy saying "Sorry, little dude" is used in the online game Mighty Dreams, when the player is on the game over screen.
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