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"Rinx!" is the fourteenth segment of the second season and the fifty-third segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 6, 2010.[1]


Bessie and Happy keep playing jinx, but things become serious when Hal captures him.


Happy puts up a new light bulb on the kitchen light. "Here", said Bessie and Happy simultaneously. "Jinx! We said it at the same time", said Bessie, laughing. Happy sniffs. Bessie says Happy’s name. Happy barks angrily, Bessie sticks out her tongue, and goes away, and Bessie laughs.

Bessie and Happy were watching something on the television. Bessie says, “I’m confused”, and then Happy barks angry and changes the channel on the television. Bessie says, “I’m confused” again, and Happy says, “SHHHHHHHHHHH!” Bessie says “I’m confused” again and Happy makes a grumpy face, and then he has a lightbulb above his head. Happy says “RINX!”, and then he zippers her mouth, and then Bessie and Happy are watching the ending of the episode on the television. When the episode is over, Happy turns off the television. Happy barks and laughs.

Bessie and Happy go back into the kitchen. Happy gets his pillow and taps it. Bessie gets angry. Happy clears his throat. Happy barks proud. Happy falls down, and then breaks down into pieces, and then Happy barks angry. Happy grabs his pillow out of Bessie arm and barks.

Bessie and Happy play a board game (Pineapple) in Bessie’s room. Bessie says, “JINX!”. Happy opens the door and makes a naughty face with his tongue sticking out, then Happy leaves the room. Bessie says, “Your lucky”, and makes a funny face with her tongue sticking out.

Bessie and Happy go into the living room and Happy shows pictures on the flash cards to Bessie. Bessie says the words to each picture, and Happy throws the flash cards and he barks excitedly.

Bessie and Happy brush their teeth. Bessie says, “JINX!”. Bessie calls someone on the phone while ironing the clothing. And Happy comes, and says, “RINX!”. Bessie and Happy go to a place and see the board. They shout at all times.

Bessie and Happy go back home to the house and get the cans so they can play a game of cans. Bessie drinks, burps, and they say, “Excuse me.” Happy says “RINX!”, and he does a dancing when Bessie makes him dog food. Happy eats the dog food. Happy doesn’t like it so he gets it out of his mouth. He walks away.

Happy turns on the radio and listens to a song. Happy sings to the music. Then Bessie closed the window so she wants to be quiet. Happy keeps singing, and he goes to Dog Jail. Bessie gets a call from Happy with quiet words. Bessie screams silently.

Bessie comes to the Dog Jail to get Happy back. Happy gets on the bus, Hal holds Bessie by her shirt, and then he drinks all of the root beer, Happy belches out Bessie's name and then the bus breaks down. Bessie says, “Now give him back!”. Hal throws Happy at Bessie and then Bessie catches Happy and she hugs him. Happy barks excitedly. After Bessie said she almost lost Happy, he licks Bessie’s face. Bessie takes Happy for a walk on the bridge.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie & Femme Fatale
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Hal Rudnick Hal



  • This is the first episode to premiere on Nicktoons.
  • Happy was unfamiliar with the game of jinx until Bessie explained it to him.
  • Bessie dislikes post-modernism.
  • Bessie is trying to learn sign language, using a book as a reference.
  • Happy sings "Running with the Rainbow Unicorn."
  • The cat food Bessie feeds Happy is called Le Stinke Cat.
  • Prior to Hal catching him, Happy received 3 noise complaints.
  • Happy's identification number is 4829tb4a0.
  • The last appearance of Hal.

Cultural references

  • The episode title refers to the game of jinx, albeit as if Happy said it.
  • Bessie says "you owe me a trademark cola," which references Coca-Cola and Pepsi.
  • Happy uses Rorschach cards, a gag previously done in "Ben Appetit."

Production information


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