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Bee, it's 6:30. Musicians don't get up until at least like 4.

Rocky Rhodes[1] is a 13-year-old skateboarder[2] who works part-time as a waiter at Hilary's Café,[3] as shown in "Toot Toot". He and Bessie are good friends, often going to him when she has a problem. When not skating or working, Rocky is a bass guitarist in The Integritones. He is voiced by Kenan Thompson.[4]

He and Ben mock Portia's prissy nature together in the first episode, "So Happy Together", showing they get along well. Rocky's eyes are usually covered by his hair; however, they are shown occasionally whenever Rocky is surprised.

Rocky is generally laid-back,[5] though Bessie can get on his nerves from time to time. He appeared most often in early season 1 episodes, with his character quietly phased out of the show by season 2.


Rocky is a budding teen heartthrob: he's nice, cool, and in a rock band. "Bee My Baby" shows he is a skilled skater, able to do several tricks. Whenever someone is in a predicament, Rocky will try to help using skateboarding terms, such as telling Gwen's baby brother to "ollie" off the Golden Gate Bridge.

In "We Got the Bee", it’s revealed that his band is called The Integritones, where he performs alongside two teenage friends, playing the bass.[6] They would totally make it big if they could only find a drummer who would stick around for more than a week. Bessie was the drummer once, but when Penny fainted from stage fright, Bessie quit the Integritones in order to help Portia's band.

He supports Bessie in her endeavors, booing Portia and protesting Anton St. Germain's original decision in "So Happy Together" and helping Bessie learn to play the drums in "We Got the Bee," being adept at playing the instrument.[5] Alongside Ben, he attempts to have Bessie reinstated into the Honeybees ("Toot Toot").

However, like everyone else, Bessie's excitable nature can annoy him. In "We Got the Bee," Bessie wakes him up early in the morning and repaints The Integritones' van, something he and his bandmates aren't thrilled with. Rocky is shown to be more honest with Bessie compared to other characters, such as pleading she stop making macrame objects in "Macro Mayhem" when others weren't as firm with Bessie on the subject.

Rocky was most prominent in early season 1; his role as the season wore on greatly diminished, often making non-speaking cameos after "Toot Toot." His final speaking appearance was in "Macro Mayhem", with the last overall being its sister episode, "Ben Screams for Ice Cream". He is completely absent in season 2 (despite being mentioned in the second season's press release),[7] and no explanation is given for it during the season.

Physical appearance

Rocky is a 13-year-old African-American kid with long brown hair that obscures his black eyes. His main clothing he wears throughout the show consists of a green short sleeve shirt with black accents and a yellow star in the center, black cargo shorts and light red boots.



Bessie Higgenbottom

He and Bessie are very close friends, with Rocky often serving as an older brother figure for her. He supports Bessie at the dog show in "So Happy Together" and teaches her how to play the drums so she can become one of The Pretty Pretty Princesses in "We Got the Bee." Due to his band lacking a drummer, Bessie accepts Rocky's offer to join The Integritones, though she begins wearing out her welcome and annoys the teenage boys. He sadly tells his bandmates that he'll kick Bessie out of the band at the San Francisco Summer Concert Series, though Bessie quit to join Portia's band before that could happen. Rocky is shown to be very honest with her, being more straightforward to Bessie about her macrame obsession than the others in "Macro Mayhem."

Ben Higgenbottom

Ben and Rocky have bonded a couple of times in the series. The duo make fun of Portia and her dog Precious at the dog show, and both protest Precious' win by pointing out Bessie showed more genuine animal appreciation than Portia. Later, in "Toot Toot," the two can't help but joke about flatulence after Bessie tells Ben and Rocky she was expelled from the Honeybees for doing so. They both help Bessie be reinstated near the end of that episode.

The Integritones

Rocky's bandmates, Integritone 1 and Integritone 2, are shown to be friends outside of the band. However, Integritone 1 is often disagreeable while the second Integritone is more relaxed. His bandmates were unsure if Bessie was suitable as a member of the band, but Rocky manages to convince the two to allow her in. Her zeal overwhelms the three teenagers, but when she quits the band, Integritone 1 laments "There goes the longest lasting drummer we ever had."

Portia Gibbons

In "We Got the Bee," Portia is shown to have a crush on Rocky. However, being a 13 year old, he's not interested in Portia that way and simply says "hey" to her. Portia is disgusted at the fact Bessie is a part of The Integritones alongside Rocky. As he previously made fun of her in "So Happy Together," it can be inferred Rocky isn't too fond of Portia.

Hilary Higgenbottom

Although he and Hilary never speak to each other in the series, it can be inferred the two are on good terms. Hilary is Rocky's employer at the cafe, and Rocky is seen there working behind the counter in addition to waiting tables. This shows Hilary greatly trusts Rocky, having him look after the cafe in her absence.


Season 1
No. Episode Role
101a "So Happy Together" Speaking role
102a "Bee My Baby" Speaking role
103b "We Got the Bee" Speaking role
106a "An I See Bee" Appears, but does not speak
110b "Toot Toot" Speaking role
117a "Ben Appetit" Appears, but does not speak
119a "Macro Mayhem" Speaking role
119b "Ben Screams for Ice Cream" Appears, but does not speak

Rocky also appears in the online game Taffy Delivery as a prospective customer for Bessie and Penny's taffy.


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  • His last name and age were never stated on the show, but were confirmed on Nickelodeon's website for the series.
    • On that note, his name is both a nod to his love of rock music and the ice cream flavor, rocky road.
    • An article by Aaron H. Bynum identifies Rocky as 15 years old, though this differs from the Nickelodeon description.[8]
  • Rocky having a job at the cafe is never outright revealed, but press releases such as in the following reference confirm it.[9]
  • Portia is shown to have a crush on him in "We Got the Bee."
  • Rocky is a fan of The Ramones, viewing them as the greatest band of all time ("We Got the Bee").
  • Member of the Macrame Circle, as shown in "Macro Mayhem".
  • The ultimate reasoning for Rocky's reduced appearances and thereafter disappearance from the series remain unknown, though his voice actor (Kenan Thompson)'s busy schedule may have contributed to the decision.
  • Early in production, Kevin Hart was tapped to play Rocky, but was the only one not retained from The Mighty B!'s original pilot (Super Scout). Why he was recast with Thompson is unknown.[10]


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