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"Sleepless in San Francisco" is the fifteenth segment of the second season and the fifty-fourth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on November 6, 2010.[1]


Bessie sets out to prove that the boogeyman is not under Ben's bed.


The episode starts with Happy getting ready to go outside for a bathroom break. Hilary says good night to Happy, and he acknowledges Hilary and steps outside. Meanwhile, Bessie and Finger are having a discussion about who has to wear a nasal strip. Bessie asks Hilary for support, but Hilary doesn't want to get involved and quickly leaves. Bessie and Finger both settle on a compromise in that they both wear the strips. At the same time, Hilary comes in to say goodnight to Ben and says that if he stays in his bed for five days in a row, he'll be rewarded with an ice cream. Ben tries to be brave, but as soon as the lights are turned off, he becomes scared. Then Ben hears a creaking sound and runs into Bessie's room. He then tells Bessie that there's a boogeyman "In my room, on my bed, near my pillow".

Bessie pours Ben a glass of milk and is skeptical of Ben's boogeyman sighting. She explains that boogeymen never migrate as far south as the west coast and they are cold climate monsters that are mostly seen in Wisconsin. Ben argues that the temperature has been unseasonably cool and suggests that maybe they've migrated to the region. Bessie thinks that it's unlikely but agrees to help. She then presents her monster detecting kit.

Bessie begins her search in Ben's closet and finds an Elvis costume. Ben says that sometimes he likes to feel handsome, and Bessie says that she isn't judging him. Later, they're searching the living room. Bessie says that if Ben saw a sea serpent then she'd be concerned, because San Francisco is "Lousy with sea serpents". When she shows Ben a clump of Happy's fur, they spot a piece of black fur. Ben gets concerned and so does Bessie, but she offers some alternative explanations (Happy having friends over or experimenting with fur dye) and concludes he was brushing rats. Then, they're in the bathroom searching for more traces. Bessie thinks that the black fur was only a coincidence, but Ben thinks otherwise. They suddenly hear a strange sound coming from the sink. Bessie agrees that it was freaky, but still inconclusive. Finally, Bessie and Ben head downstairs. Bessie explains that experts agree that boogies never use the front door. Ben then hears something and when he looks outside, he sees a clawed hand on the window and is frightened by it. When Bessie opens the front door, she finds a hook on the knob and screams, now convinced there is a boogeyman near the house. Both of them then run back upstairs into Bessie's bedroom. They then decide to set traps for the boogeymen and wait for the right moment.

Ben asks Bessie if anyone has earned the monster squad badge, and Bessie's response is "No one who lived to tell about it". Suddenly they hear the doorbell ring and get into position. Bessie does her best boogeyman impression and tells the ones who have arrived that the boogers in the house have been claimed and to go to Canada. Then the door opens and Bessie and Ben panic and end up falling into their own traps. They see the doorknob rattling and run back upstairs and barricade themselves in Ben's room. The pair hear a piano and approaching footsteps and realize that the boogies are in the house. After sharing some confessions they hear Hilary screaming. Bessie decides to take matters into her own hands and opens the door. She begins throwing tissues and Ben uses a water gun and discover that the "boogeymen" are actually Happy and Hilary.

Happy explains that he had gotten locked out and had been howling and scratching at the window to attract attention. He then ran into their neighbors who created a bigger racket which woke up Hilary and she let them in. Bessie is still curious about the stomping, piano and the hook they found. Happy then explains that they came from their neighbors, retired circus performers Lucile the bearded lady and Darren the man with hooks for hands. Bessie says that she was right about boogeymen not visiting San Francisco. Suddenly she sneezes and a booger lands near Ben's bed. It is then grabbed by a real boogeyman which makes everyone scream.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Monster & Boogieman
Megan Cavanagh Hilary



  • Hilary is implied to feed her kids alternative health food, as Ben asks if she means "real" ice cream and not soy.
  • Mr. Pants knew boogiemen were real all along.
  • When Bessie and Ben are scared, they admit the following to each other:
    • Bessie was the one who ate Ben's Brownie Bottom Pie, not Happy (though Ben replied he knew the truth).
    • Ben chewed up Bessie's shoes and blamed it on Happy.

Cultural references


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