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"So Happy Together" is the first segment of the first season as well as the 1st episode/pilot of The Mighty B! overall, that aired on April 26, 2008. As such, it introduces several of the show's prominent characters.


Honeybee scout Bessie, with her mother Hilary's blessing and brother Ben's help, tries to find a dog so she can earn the Animal Appreciation badge.[1]


This episode starts with the protagonist, Bessie, starting the day up with some jumping jacks. When she's doing jumping jacks in the bedroom, she skips a few numbers pretty quickly. She then got done with the jumping jacks, but she trips clumsily but got up as she wants to start the day with a huge bang. She leaves her home to go to Mr. Wu's Chinese restaurant. While on her way, she got greeted by other villagers in San Francisco. One of them is The Hippie.

She finally arrived at Mr. Wu's Restaurant. Mr. Wu was serving the customers when he suddenly realized that Bessie is there. The customers turned into ninjas, and it looks like there is a fight starting up. While the camera is panning right, Bessie got surprisingly transformed into her Mighty B form. And suddenly, a brawl begins very quickly as she flies to the ninjas. Then the scene suddenly turns, reveals the sequence to be Bessie's imagination, while the customers are looking at her surprised. Now done with her fight against the imaginary ninjas, Mr. Wu offers a dumpling to Bessie as a reward for the brawl that Bessie won, playing along with her imagination.

After she leaves Mr. Wu's Restaurant, she again goes to one of her friend's hangout locations and meets Rocky. Rocky offered to hang out with them, but Bessie declined as she got to go to the troop meeting. Bessie borrowed Rocky's skateboard and helmet. She then goes down to a steep hill and then suddenly launched into the air while all of a sudden. Bessie has transformed into her Mighty B form again, still in the air with the clouds. One of the clouds hit her foot, causing Bessie to lose balance, and she then falls. Bessie smashed onto the ground a couple of times, continued falling while on the floor, getting hurt in the process. She lands next to her fellow Honeybees: Portia (with her dog Precious), Gwen, and Penny.

While Portia says "nice flight" to Bessie, Bessie is surprised and excited to see Portia's dog. She goes running to her dog repeatedly, calling Precious a "puppy." Gwen tells Bessie that Precious is a dog, but not a "puppy," as she later called Bessie "Messie" on that note. Portia tells Bessie that she is training Precious for the Honeybee Dog Show. Bessie is surprised that there is an upcoming Dog Show that Portia's mom and the troop leader, Mary Frances Gibbons, are hosting for The Honeybees. Gwen told Bessie that the winner gets the Animal Appreciation Badge, which is the perfect opportunity for Bessie to get it. Portia told Bessie that she thinks she didn't get the bee-mail and reminds Bessie that she doesn't have a dog anyways.

In the next scene, Bessie tells her mom (Hilary Higgenbottom) that she always wanted a dog. She explained the many purposes of them in an attempt to convince her to get one. Afterward, she got shared 729 facts or "purposes" with her mom. Hilary finally gives in and tells Bessie to rescue a dog. But before Bessie can leave, Hilary tells her she has to take her brother and Hilary's son, Ben.

Near the docks of San Francisco, an unnamed dog stole someone's lunch and eats it as he got happy and burps, proceeding to sit on the ground while pressing on a wall. Not long after, Bessie got seen walking fast, and then Ben tells her to stop so he can catch up. An annoyed Bessie tells him that she happens to be on a badge mission. She tells him that she has an animal to rescue.

Bessie's brother says that he knows and he can help her look for a dog. Ben tells Bessie that every superhero needs a sidekick, and then she stopped, telling him that she's not The Mighty B yet. Bessie elaborates to Ben that she still has 4,584 badges to go, and she works alone. Ben finally sees a stray dog and then points at it as he is telling Bessie to look. It's the same dog that stole someone's lunch.

Bessie and Ben go down the pier to see the dog. The dog was scratching his fur, with Bessie assisting the dog. The dog then suddenly feels happy as Bessie is scratching him. Bessie introduced herself to the dog, but before she can finish realizes that the dog has a torn ear. She admitted that the torn dog's ear is "awesome" as she hates perfect dog ears and perfects anything. Then all of a sudden, Bessie pulled out a dog leash as the dog doesn't want to be domesticated.

The dog attempted to run away and failed as the dog leash is on him while running away. The dog struggled to run away again but unfortunately staying in one place while running. Bessie assumes that the dog is "happy" while the dog is not. Bessie named the male dog Happy and told him that it be in a dog show. As she tells Happy that, he is scared by it.

After that, the camera zooms into Bessie's beehive at night. Bessie tells the two boys that the only one in the dog show she's worried about is Portia's dog, Precious. She thinks that she has an excellent chance of winning the Animal Appreciation Badge. While she got bathing Happy, she told him that they have a color-coded training schedule to follow before the dog show.

A montage begins, starting with Bessie training Happy dog obedience in the form of staying ("stay"), fetch, and ballroom dance. Ben later realizes that Happy is the worst dog he ever met. Bessie became insanely mad with Ben.

She called out to him that "You're six!" as she got explaining her experience with Happy and told Ben that Happy is the best dog in the world, and she "just" knows he's going to win the dog show tomorrow and earn the Animal Appreciation Badge.

In the next scene, Portia's mom offered the judge Anton St Germain a little "token of our appreciation" (a bribe) that Portia and her mom put together for him, and they both laugh. Bessie arrived at the Honeybee Dog Show to see Portia's dog, Precious. She told Portia the dog looks so pretty. Bessie introduced Portia to Happy, and Portia hisses like a snake, and then Happy grows at her. Portia asks Bessie, "where did you get him at a shelter with all the dirty people and things?" Gwen chimes in that Bessie must have found him in a dumpster. Angered at this remark, Happy runs away from Bessie and smacks a dog's butt to prevent Bessie from following him.

After he walked out of the tent, Bessie leaped out in front of Happy. Bessie tells Happy that they're on in 5 minutes. Happy aggressive barks to Bessie, and Bessie tells him not to utilize words that she doesn't favor. As Happy explains himself, Bessie didn't realize that Happy hated dog shows. She assumes that Happy wants his old life back and doesn't want to get tied down. She tells Happy to leave, and sure enough, Happy sure did very quickly and fast. Bessie yells at Happy to leave and worryingly asked, "Where are you going?" seconds later. Bessie claims that she doesn't need anybody, and she'll do this thing by herself. After all of that, Bessie has mixed feelings at the time and later sighs. Finger, Bessie's left index finger, tells Bessie that letting Happy go was the right thing to do.

Meanwhile, Portia is shown on stage walking with her dog, much like a catwalk. Ben and Rocky tease Portia's prissiness in the audience. Outside, Happy slowly goes away from the dog show but then, while walking, he thinks about Bessie about the good and bad times they spent together. Not wanting to acknowledge this, he wrecks the thinking cloud and goes away angrily.

After Portia walked on stage with her dog, Bessie came out and gave a speech about her dog Happy. She later storms off from the stage crying, but right about halfway out of the stage, Happy ran to her from the entrance and slowed her down. Bessie was excited to see Happy came back for her. She asks him if he wants to do the dog show, with Happy emphatic about doing so.

Bessie and Happy showed the audience their abilities, one of which was dunking a basketball into the basket epically. Everyone is impressed, even Anton. Portia's mom told the judge as that wasn't the plan, urging him not to "blow it." The judge suddenly gets sweaty and told the audience that it's a tie between Portia's dog Precious and Bessie's dog Happy. The audience immediately started throwing food and some other items in protest of the decision. Anton announces that he will decide a winner based on the dog's breeding. When he checks Happy, Anton said he's just a typical beat-up mutt and that Precious is the winner.

Bessie pulled the judge's arm to her mouth to speak to the audience, telling them she's ok with losing and went on to tell everyone how much Happy means to her. The judge suddenly pulled the microphone, and Bessie pulled the microphone back that she wanted to remind the audience that they shouldn't forget to tip their waitresses at a restaurant.

With the audience still refusing to accept Precious' win, Portia's mom defended the decision to the audience, stating that this is a "real" show dog. As Anton prepares to show everyone Precious' teeth, something unexpected happened. The judge revealed Precious not only has unkempt, filthy teeth but is a rat, not a dog.

Now aware she had been kissing a rat this entire time, a surprised Portia flips out before fainting. Ben from the audience called out that Portia kissed a rat, with Rocky joining in. Ben takes the Animal Appreciation Badge from the judge and gives it to Bessie. Bessie says that she has only 4,583 badges to go.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Megan Cavanagh Hilary
Andy Richter Ben
Matt Besser The Hippie & Anton St. Germain
Keone Young Mr. Wu
Kenan Thompson Rocky
Grey DeLisle Portia
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Dee Bradley Baker Happy



  • Bessie has the first line in the entire series: "Good morning, Finger!"
  • At the end of the episode, Bessie states she has 4,583 badges left to earn.
  • Bessie gave Hilary 729 reasons the family should have a dog, and pointed out there were 3,812 animals who were homeless in San Francisco.
  • "So Happy Together" and "Artificial Unintelligence" are much alike in plot structure: This episode hosted a dog show, while "Artificial Unintelligence" had a science fair, making these two episodes very similar in very different ways.
  • Being the pilot episode, there are subtle differences in some of the character's designs; for example, Portia has longer hair here than she does in the rest of the series.
  • The "stay" scene was later incorporated in Nicktoons Superstuffed: Mini Game Mania 2 as a minigame.
  • Part of the Mighty Weekend block.
  • The events of this episode are later recounted in season 2's "The Bone Identity." Bessie makes mention in that episode it was 78 degrees when she met Happy.

Cultural references

Production information

  • According to then-Nickelodeon executive Eric Coleman, the pilot had a positive reception among test audiences (who were all children) and fellow executives at Nickelodeon.[2]
  • The episode had been completed by April 2007.[3]
  • Original title of the episode was "Happy Together."[4]
  • During early production of this episode, Hilary was a chanteuse at the local bar[5] and Rocky's voice was provided by Kevin Hart.[6] In the finished episode, Hilary's occupation was changed to a cafe owner with Kenan Thompson recast as Rocky.
  • The brown furred dog whose butt is slapped by Happy was at one time considered as Happy's design during the latter's design phase.[7]
  • Per an article on Animation Magazine, a sneak-peek was shown on November 11, 2007 during the commercial break of The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.[8]
  • This episode was first shown in SpongeBob's Atlantis SquarePantis DVD on November 13, 2007 as a sneak-peek before the episode aired as the show premiere/pilot.[9]
  • When Bessie gives her first speech about Happy, the theme music for the SpongeBob SquarePants episode "Dumped" can be heard.
  • This episode, alongside "Sweet Sixteenth," was watched by 5.2 million viewers upon its premiere.[10]


  • Despite having dialogue, The Hippie is not credited.


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