This article is a transcript of The Mighty B! episode "So Happy Together".

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  • Bessie Higgenbottom: Good morning, Finger.
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: Honeybee Troop 828 Bessie Higginbottom reporting for duty!
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: Hi, Mom!, Bye, Mom! [as she is quickly walking away from her home.]
  • Hilary Higgenbottom: Have fun, sweetie! [while waving her goodbyes.]
  • Ben Higgenbottom: Are you going to your troop meeting? Can I come?
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: [Bessie suddenly stop, and then gasped for air and shouts] "Noooo!!!!!" [to Ben.] [After that, Ben grew mad at her.]
  • The Hippie: (chuckles) Yo, Bessie!
  • Mr. Wu: [Mr. Wu greeted Bessie with a rival like sentence He said] "So, Mighty B., We meet again."
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: "Prepare to taste the awesome sting of The Mighty B."
  • Mr. Wu: "So you've won this time, Mighty B. And I honor you with this fresh dumpling."
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: "Thanks, Mr. Wu, see you tomorrow"
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: "Hi, Rocky, awesome moves."
  • Rocky: "Oh hey, Bessie. Wanna hang out with us?"
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: "Sorry, Rocky. I wish I could stop, but I can't! So, see you later!"
  • Rocky: "Oh, man."
  • Bessie Higgenbottom Whoooah! Aaaaaaah! Whoooooo! Ooh! Ow! Whoo! That's gotta hurt! Yow! Ow!
  • Portia Gibbons: "Ugh, nice flight, Mighty B?"
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: [Gasps] "Oh, my gosh! A puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Puppy! Who's a puppy? Who's a puppy?"
  • Gwen Wu: Precious is a dog, Messie Higgenbottom. Okay? A purebred.
  • Portia Gibbons: I'm training her for the Honeybee Dog Show.
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: Honeybee Dog Show? Wha, what Honeybee Dog Show?
  • Penny: "The one Portia's mom is putting on. See?"

[The workers are building a dog show]

  • Bessie Higgenbottom: "What?"
  • Penny: "The winner gets The Animal Appreciation badge. Portia's mom said."
  • Bessie Higgenbottom: "Oooooh..."
  • Portia Gibbons: "Oh, you didn't get the B-mail, huh? Mmm, you don't have a dog anyway, Messie."
  • Gwen Wu: Guess you're not gonna get the badge this time.