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"Something's Wrong With This Taffy" is the twenty-fifth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on October 25, 2008. 


Bessie is determined to find out the trouble with the latest batch of taffy.


The episode begins with a montage of how the honeybee taffy is made, with Bessie doing a voiceover explanation. The scene then shifts to Bessie and Penny dusting Bessie's taffy collection. The two then hear that the taffy has arrived and then they get excited and run upstairs to go get it. Bessie gives a toast "To another spectacular taffy selling season", and she and Penny start to eat their taffy.

However, Bessie begins to think that something is wrong with the new taffy. Penny only says that the taffy is "Delicious", but Bessie remains skeptical. Bessie consults Happy on the matter, but is unable to get adequate results. She decides to see Mrs. Gibbons on the subject, (interrupting her beauty treatment in the process) but she only remarks that the taffy is "Standard issue" and doesn't see anything wrong with it. Bessie thinks that she might be imagining it, but after tasting some of the new taffy, she decides to run tests of her own.

Her first test is comparing taffy from 1946, 1987 and 2003 with the new batch, and finds that it's the same. Her next test has her using the taffy as a bungee jump and diving off the building and finds that the consistency is consistent. Bessie sends out a message to Miriam Breedlove, the founder of the Honeybees, explaining that the shipment is possibly contaminated and that she is going to the factory to find some answers.

Along the way, she has a brief run-in with a man carrying a sign saying "Da end iz neer", but Bessie ignores him and keeps walking. She then arrives at the factory and the factory's manager comes out and greets her. Bessie asks the man if they had changed the formula in any way, and the man says that they haven't. Bessie asks if they changed the amount of love they put in the taffy, or whether the employees had been washing their hands. The worker then decides to give Bessie an impromptu tour of the factory.

The first stop on the tour is the honey production room, where the man explains that they had been producing the taffy with all natural honey with their own swarm of honeybees since 1937. Bessie is impressed by this, before they go to the next stop on the tour. The worker then shows Bessie the mixing room, but she barely has time to finish her sentence before she heads to the final stop. They then end up in the distributing room where the taffy is put into the boxes and shipped out. Bessie examines the distributing employee's tastebuds but finds nothing out of the ordinary.

With the tour concluded, the worker asks if Bessie has any questions. She asks about what's behind a door that's glowing red with the sound of sparks behind it, but the worker gets nervous and asks which one she's talking about. Bessie finally explains that it is "The door you don't want to open", and the man quickly says that it's storage and shows her out. Later that night, Bessie has a nightmare about the mysterious door, and decides to take matters into her own hands. Bessie then breaks into her fellow honeybees' homes, steals their taffy and leaves a recall notice in its place.

The next day, Bessie sneaks into the factory to find some answers. When she hears someone coming, she hides between an employee's (the worker from earlier) legs. Bessie then sees the worker go into another room and follows him. When she arrives in the other room, she discovers that it is a secret processing facility. Meanwhile, the other honeybees are complaining to Mrs. Gibbons about Bessie stealing their taffy, and Mrs. Gibbons makes it up to them by bringing them on a trip to the factory to receive another batch of taffy.

Back at the factory, Bessie discovers what made the taffy taste wrong: it consisted of "91% pure fake honey (from concentrate). Bessie is shocked and disgusted by what she sees, and accidentally knocks over some barrels and gives away her hiding spot. The worker notices Bessie and yells that they have a security breach and to sound the alarm. At the same time, Mrs. Gibbons and the other honeybees arrive at the factory. The girls are impressed, but it is short lived, as they are pushed aside by the factory workers pursuing Bessie.

Bessie manages to get away from the pursuing workers, and demands why they are using fake honey in their recipe (with Mrs. Gibbons and the honeybees reacting to this revelation). Bessie says that the taffy has been made with authentic honey since the beginning and refuses to lie to her customers about that.

The employee explains to Bessie that the cost of real honey has risen, and that using fake honey is a cost effective alternative in the modern world. Miriam appears just then, stating "Modern? A quality product never goes out of style." She takes Bessie's side of the discussion, and promptly orders that all the fake honey be removed and she gives Bessie the job of taffy inspector.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Dan Schneider Factory Manager
Niecy Nash Miriam Breedlove



  • Bessie states at the beginning of the episode that taffy selling starts during the spring.
  • The Gibbons residence's house number is revealed in this episode: 458.
  • Bessie had Kung Pao chicken for lunch prior to getting her shipment of taffy.
  • Happy owns a Bonsai tree, and is an adherent to feng shui.
  • Bessie says the Honeybees start selling taffy in 2 days when she speaks to Mary Frances at the Massage Parlor.
  • According to Mary Frances, she has been eating one and a half boxes of taffy daily for twenty years.
  • Bessie has a taffy collection starting from the 1940s.
  • When texting Miriam, Bessie mentions taffy selling will start in 24 hours.
  • The Honeybee Taffy Factory has existed since 1937, the year the Honeybee Scouts were established.
  • Miriam mentions that Bessie texted her, sent a FAX and even started a signal fire about the taffy situation.
  • Millie has a picture of herself and grandmother on her nightstand.
  • Miriam Breedlove's first on-screen appearance in the series; she was only mentioned beforehand.
  • Television producer Dan Schneider who is best known for creating iCarly, Victorious and Henry Danger, guest stars in this episode as the taffy Factory Manager.

Cultural references

  • Santa Claus is mentioned by Penny, believing he was the one who took all the taffy.
  • In the scene when the Honeybee Taffy Factory employees try to catch Bessie when she's in the air, if one looks closely the hands of Mickey Mouse and Jenny Wakeman from My Life as a Teenage Robot are seen.

Production information

  • Bessie's "augh" was reused from Artificial Unintelligence.
  • When Bessie was sneaking into the taffy factory, a track from SpongeBob SquarePants can be heard in the background.
  • Production code: 118A.[2]
  • Although this episode premiered before "Name Shame,"[3] in reruns and on the BEEing Bessie Higgenbottom DVD, it is the second segment.
  • 5.8 million people watched this episode upon its premiere.[4]
  • First episode storyboarded by Chris Graham.


  • The taffy factory has their own honeybees to make their own honey, but they claim that they can't afford real honey and use 91% pure fake honey from concentrate.


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