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"Stuffed Happens" is the twenty-seventh segment of the second season and the sixty-sixth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on December 2, 2010.


Continuing from the previous episode, Bessie discovers someone has been doing bad deeds under her identity. What's worse, everyone - including Ben and Happy - all believe her to be guilty, as the evidence supports Bessie doing these things.

As a result, she is suspended and later expelled from the Honeybees by Mrs. Gibbons. With this newfound free time on her hands, Bessie must find out the mastermind who framed her, and why.


Portia is getting ready for bed, as her mother Mrs. Gibbons reminds her to use a curling iron. Upon opening her drawer, Portia finds it missing, with a note that says "Happy bad hair day." Portia hears rustling through her window, and sees Bessie's shadow. Then, Bessie draws her face on Chester Turtleton's shell and throws multiple eggs at Penny's rubber chicken. Penny makes sure to take a picture as Bessie runs away.

At the Higgenbottom residence, Ben asks Bessie if Mr. Pants deserves to be tied up in the basement. Bessie assures Ben the Mr. Pants he loved is gone and has been replaced with "a teddy who lives to watch the world burn." Happy is constructing a brick wall for maximum security, ensuring Mr. Pants won't escape. Bessie claims Mr. Pants would have been her plus one at the Honeybee Annual Teddy Bear Picnic had he not gone bad.

Bessie arrives at the Recreation Center, and reflects on how everything seems to be going her way. When she opens the door, Bessie is surprised to see the other Honeybees complaining. They express anger and sadness at the horrible things Bessie had done the night before, yet Bessie does not recall doing these dirty deeds.

Even troop leader Mrs. Gibbons wasn't safe, being TP'ed to look like a mummy. Bessie insists she didn't do any of these things, but finds written admission saying she did so "with pride." As punishment, Mrs. Gibbons places Bessie on formal suspension, meaning Bessie will miss out on the picnic. Lastly, Mrs. Gibbons gives her a special badge: The Scarlet Badge of Suspension.

When Bessie returns home, Happy scolds her for what she did to Ben, who is sucking his thumb in a fetal position. Not knowing what Happy is talking about, he shows her video footage of Bessie putting multiple crab apples in Ben's mouth. Although Bessie accepts that was her, she also insists it can't be. Bessie tries to tell her brother she'd never do anything like that to him, but he's so terrified of her he climbs up the wall.

Bessie wonders if perhaps she has a "split personality," which might explain her inability to remember doing bad things. Consequently, Ben and Happy put Bessie in a cage and tie her up so she won't escape and wreak havoc. Before the boys leave, Bessie instructs they leave the room, lock the door and no matter what, not to come in until morning.

That night, Bessie dreams about being The Mighty B and trying to rescue puppies. However, she keeps hearing a mysterious voice echoing "Scarlet Badge of Shame" in the background. Shortly after, a large S forms on Mighty B's chest and turns her yellow and brown suit into black and red, becoming the "The Shamed Bee," to the Mighty B's horror.

Waking up from her nightmare, Bessie is relieved it was just a dream. Furthermore, she notices no bite marks nor escape attempts while asleep. Ben and Happy enter the room shortly after and use a newspaper article to show Bessie that she went on a rampage again, this time at the town's Ferris wheel. Bessie notes this can't be possible, as she was shackled throughout the night. Bessie realizes someone is framing her, but who?

Once Bessie complains about missing the Honeybee Annual Teddy Bear Picnic, she puts two and two together and believes Mr. Pants is the culprit. Down in the basement, she interrogates him followed by several slaps. Ben and Happy stop her from doing further damage as Ben points out she's behaving just as bad as the person who framed her.

Accepting that Ben is right, Bessie then deduces her framer must be at the picnic. Ben points out that if Bessie is caught, she will be permanently expelled from the Honeybees. Bessie calmly replies that it's a risk she's willing to take, wanting to prove her innocence to the other girls. Unbeknownst to Ben, Bessie and Happy, a mysterious giraffe had overheard their entire conversation from a nearby window.

At the picnic, Bessie hides in a picnic basket while using her fingers to move around. She oversees all the Honeybees to decide who would be the most likely to frame her. She checks Penny off the list after she refuses to talk badly about Bessie.

Back at the Higgenbottom household, Happy reshackles the teddy bear as Ben pleads with him to talk. Ben wants to remove Mr. Pants' mask as a sign of trust, but Happy thinks that's a bad idea. Ben does it anyway, and both he and Happy are surprised at what they see.

It's clear that the culprit isn't Portia, who openly wishes Bessie were here so she could eat her taffy turnovers. Mrs. Gibbons reminds the girls Bessie is banned for a reason and that if anybody sees her at the picnic, a Honeybee's arrest would be made immediately.

Just then, Millie informs Mrs. Gibbons that Bessie has licked all the frosting off cupcakes at the dessert table. Angry at being accused for something she didn't do, Bessie blows her cover by jumping out of the picnic basket. She tries explaining to Mrs. Gibbons and the Honeybees that she was framed and did not do any of the wrongdoings she was accused of. Mrs. Gibbons doesn't believe her, and citing "rules are rules," Bessie is now permanently expelled from the Honeybees.

Back at home, Ben and Happy make the discovery that who they thought was Mr. Pants is actually a separate bear Bessie and Ben had confused for Mr. Pants in the previous episode. Ben knows this to be true as the real Mr. Pants was made in the United States, as opposed to this one who was created in Taiwan. Happy takes control of the situation and speaks to the fake Mr. Pants.

Bessie is still reeling over her expulsion from the Honeybees at the picnic. Mrs. Gibbons grabs Bessie's sash, with the now former Honeybee scout walking away in shame. However, Bessie overhears Millie laughing, and destroys Millie's giraffe stuffed animal in a fit of rage. The Honeybees all react in shock. Eventually, Bessie finds the real Mr. Pants - Mr. Evil Pants - inside the giraffe's remains. He tells Bessie it was all part of his plan to have her come to the picnic and be expelled, proving Bessie was right all along about Mr. Evil Pants being the culprit.

Millie interrupts, and introduces her villainous alter ego: The Ghastly Grr-affe. Bessie points out Millie can't be the one who framed her, as Chester was defaced, but Millie matter of factly states: "Sometimes, you have to hurt the ones you love."

Now imagining herself as the Mighty B, she tells the Ghastly Grr-affe to step aside as she gets ready to fight Mr. Evil Pants. However, Ghastly Grr-affe insists on joining the battle, even summoning the other girls' teddy bears to attack the Mighty B. Mighty B asks why the Ghastly Grr-affe is doing this, and she explains that Mr. Evil Pants was hidden inside the giraffe Millie had won at the SF Street Fair. After the Mighty B and Hurtful Hornet had run into her in the previous episode, Millie was angered at them spinning her around. With Mr. Evil Pants' advice, Millie decides she's done being "a second banana" and that it was "now [her] time to shine" as the Ghastly Grr-affe.

The Ghastly Grr-affe shows Mighty B the Bessie mask she used to impersonate her. Just as it looks like the Mighty B's ears will be cut off, the now renamed Helpful Hornet and Happy make the save. They remove all of the teddy bears off of Mighty B. She, Helpful Hornet and Happy proceed to attack and destroy all teddy bears in sight.

Mighty B makes a discovery once she notices a bear's pants (identical to the ones Mr. Evil Pants wears) fall off: the teddy bears aren't inherently evil, it's the pants causing them to act this way. She tells Happy and Helpful Hornet to take off every bear's pants.

With just Mr. Evil Pants left, Mighty B demands Ghastly Grr-affe hand him over. Refusing, Ghastly Grr-affe uses her long neck to attack Mighty B. However, this allows Mighty B to go inside the giraffe and attack Mr. Evil Pants from within. Mighty B ultimately wins the fight, taking Mr. Evil Pants' trousers off, making him Mr. Pants once more.

No longer under Mr. Evil Pants' influence, Millie apologizes to Bessie for her actions. Mrs. Gibbons and the Honeybees are speechless about what they had just witnessed. With Bessie's innocence proven, she asks for her sash back, with a bewildered Mrs. Gibbons obliging, officially reinstating Bessie as a Honeybee.

The fake Mr. Pants has been returned to Taiwan while the real Mr. Pants is shackled by Happy once again. Ben, pointing out it was the pants that made Mr. Pants evil, wishes he had a less severe punishment, like parole. Bessie declines, because of all the trouble Mr. Pants has caused as of late. She then promotes Ben to probationary interim sidekick, albeit for a day.

Ben, Bessie and Happy all walk away. Now alone, Mr. Pants removes his shackles and becomes free, hinting that we haven't seen the last of him as the episode ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Mystery Voice
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons



  • Here are the horrible things "Bessie" (read: Millie) really did:
    • Threw eggs at a chicken in front of Penny
    • Stole Portia's curler
    • Chained Gwen to a parking meter
    • TP'd Mary Frances
    • Gave Nisa a beard
    • Shaved an unnamed Honeybee scout's head off
    • Threw a bucket of vomit on a Ferris wheel
    • Tortured Ben with apples
    • Licked the cream off a cupcake
    • Tortured Chester Turtleton and drew Bessie's face on his shell
  • Penny believes in the tooth fairy.
  • This episode takes place directly after "O Brother, What Art Thou?," as Bessie mentions early in the episode that she caught her arch-nemesis earlier that day.
  • Happy has had the Higgenbottom household under surveillance for a while.
  • This is the second time Bessie has been expelled from the Honeybees after "Toot Toot."
  • Happy knows how to speak Mandarin.
  • Millie says the same line Ben did in "O Brother, What Art Thou?": "Born out of neglect, and forged in the fires of betrayal."

Cultural references

  • The episode title is a kid-friendly version of the vulgar phrase Shit happens.
  • Penny's rubber chicken is named after folk tale Chicken Little.
  • Happy's computer has an apple core on the back, which parodies Apple Inc..
  • Bessie (as the Mighty Bee) turning into the "Shamed Bee" is a callback to Peter Parker's Spider-Man suit turning black, most notably in Spider-Man 3.

Production information

  • This episode has the most directors, with three.
  • When this episode reruns, this part and "O Brother, What Art Thou?" are aired together as an hour long episode.
  • In most countries, this episode lacks a title card; however, Latin American airings reveal a title card indeed exists for this episode, yet for unknown reasons isn't used outside the region. Thus, the writers, storyboard artists and directors who worked on this episode go uncredited outside of the Latin American airing.
  • Erik Wiese traveled a few miles in San Francisco taking pictures, to be used for the sequence of Bessie being expelled from the Honeybees.[3]
  • Referred to as "O Brother, What Art Thou? - Part 2" in the closing credits. However, Latin American airings use the "Stuffed Happens" title.
  • Given the production code of 212B.[4]


  • Bessie's last name is misspelled "Higginbottom" on the newspaper Happy shows her.


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