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"Super Secret Weakness" is the tenth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on May 17, 2008.


Bessie believes her weakness as The Mighty B are zukes (zucchini), so she tries to ban the vegetable in San Francisco.


Ben points out every superhero has a weakness, but Bessie claims that the Mighty B has none, being indestructible. However, Bessie has a nightmare of the Honeybee honey being stolen by Bears in Capes. She then wakes up Ben, Happy, and Penny to help find her weakness.

After going through many gross things (objects, food and even people), she then eats zucchini, which makes her very sick, ultimately puking. After this, Bessie is convinced that zucchini was her weakness, not understanding she threw up because of overeating.

Bessie, Ben, Happy and Penny go around town trying to spread the word about zucchini, and in one attempt convinces some San Franciscans to eat hot dogs instead of zucchini at the Farmer's Market. Their efforts attract news reporter Chai Gallagher, reporting on it and their distaste for the vegetable. Bessie is upset at not being taken seriously, however.

After watching Bessie appear on television, Portia becomes jealous, especially when Penny points out this will give Bessie fame, something Portia lacks. Bessie soon after meets the head of city council (Anton St. Germain), who tells security to escort her off the premises.

In Bessie's next attempt to eliminate zucchini in San Francisco, she employs Mr. Wu's help in order to ship all the produce zucchini to Beijing, China, which ends up making two local farmers (both twins) very rich. Bessie is successful at getting rid of fresh zucchini in San Francisco, much to her delight.

Portia begins plotting, and decides to scare Bessie with many real and strange things with zucchini in them, alongside Gwen and Penny. Bessie is confused at how the trio found zucchini in San Francisco, until Gwen reminds her about the frozen food section at stores.

Confronted with zucchini inside a nearby closet, Bessie has a breakdown of sorts and falls to the floor. However, Portia and Gwen are dissatisfied, wanting to see Bessie barf instead and feeling they got "total lameness" instead. Bessie then realizes that zucchini isn't her weakness after all, and is relieved to be "indestructible" again. She even eats it as she leaves to head home.

Bessie arrives home, where Portia is seen on television, desperately telling her mother she's on TV where "she belongs." Bessie heads for her room and soon goes to sleep, where a feather from Bessie's pillow lands on her nose, causing her to sneeze.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Grey DeLisle Portia & Chai Gallagher
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Bear, Towel Man & Truck Driver
Matt Besser Twin Hillbillies & Anton St. Germain
Keone Young Mr. Wu & Bear Leader



  • Bessie owns a teddy bear.
  • Two superheroes Ben mentions are Eraser Girl and Black T-Shirt Guy.
  • Other potential allergens written on the chalkboard include "acorn," "airline food," "air freshener" and "anchovies."
  • Penny's father wears argyle socks.
  • This episode marks the debuts of Chai Gallagher and Mr. Lefkowitz (the latter having only been mentioned prior to this episode).
  • Other things they tested Bessie for that were not shown in the montage included accordion music, alfalfa sprouts, baboons, badgers, cab drivers, carrots, cartoons, "Dad" (this would imply she met her father to make sure she's not allergic to him), dark chocolate and dimples.
  • Happy knows how to twist balloons to create balloon animals.
  • This episode shows a different mailman around San Francisco, possibly predating Donald's creation.
  • Gwen owns a cell phone.
  • Bessie's petition to ban zucchini had 5 signatures, in addition to Happy's paw print.
  • We learn Anton St. Germain (who is listed as "Council Prez" in the credits of this episode) is also a member of the city council in addition to judging recreational competitions.
  • Bessie's website, "," received 1,000,507 hits in the past two days alone.

Cultural references

  • The word kryptonite is mentioned; this is the weakness of Superman.

Production information

  • Along with its sister episode, "Super Secret Weakness" had 5.8 million viewers when it premiered.[1]
  • Dannah Feinglass is credited for voicing a reporter, but only one (Chai Gallagher) appears in the episode. This indicates a deleted scene.


  • Gwen's eyes are miscolored black in scenes where they corner Bessie with zucchini.
  • Sarah Thyre and Megan Cavanagh are both credited in this episode, although Mrs. Gibbons is absent while Hilary makes a silent cameo.


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