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Honeybee Scout Taffy (more commonly referred to as simply taffy) is a honey-flavored taffy that the Honeybee Scouts sell during taffy season, much like the cookies that are sold by The Girl Scouts of America. The most commonly seen colors are pink and yellow.

Several characters in the show are shown to love the treat, but in particular Happy and Penny enjoy eating taffy.


Taffy plays an important role in two episodes. First, "Something's Wrong With This Taffy", where Bessie found the taffy's flavor taste to be vastly different than its usual flavor, only to find out The Taffy Factory decided to reformulate its flavor from a natural honey-flavor into a more artificial flavor substitute made from 91% fake honey from concentrate. Once Miriam Breedlove gets wind of this, she scolds the previous factory manager and makes Bessie the new taffy inspector for San Francisco.

Later, in "Bad to the Bee," Gwen and Portia manage to convince Bessie to steal taffy in the Recreation Center's storage room, planning to eat an entire box before being caught by Mrs. Gibbons. Bessie ultimately backs out of the plan, and she volunteers to make up for it by cleaning the toilets.