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Bessie and Penny go around San Francisco, selling taffy to friends, family and others who live in the city.


With Penny pushing the cart and Bessie throwing the taffy, the objective is to accurately throw the taffy into nearby windows. The more taffy the girls sell, the more badges they earn, which translates to points for the player.

The game uses a timer, thus if one does not arrive at the goal in time you will have to start over. Bumping into cars will slow down the player. Penny's inhaler serves as a power up.



  • Alongside Mighty Dreams, Taffy Delivery was developed by Ham in the Fridge.[1]
  • Two images of Ben and Happy are used in the game; Ben has one with his cape and another without while Happy stands in one variation but is on all fours with the other.
  • The show's theme song plays throughout the game.
  • This marks the only game appearance for several characters, including Gwen's Brothers, Rocky and Anton.


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