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"Ten Little Honeybees" is the nineteenth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 27, 2008.


When Portia's locket goes missing during her half-birthday, Bessie plays Sherlock Holmes in order to figure out who stole it.[1]


At Anton St. Germain's residence, Portia's half-birthday party is held. Things quickly go awry when her solid gold locket goes missing after the lights are turned off. Bessie volunteers to help find the culprit.

She first suspects Gwen stole it, as she likes lockets. But Gwen points out Millie should be interrogated, as she was throwing confetti everywhere "like an idiot."

After briefly speaking to Penny and even Happy (for "having a past") in the closet, she concludes the culprit is the birthday party's master of ceremonies, Anton St. Germain. Bessie points out Anton had left the room to check on his doll museum and even spoke through his favorite doll, Geneva, having complimented Portia's locket. However, Anton claims he is innocent, as Geneva "hates" gold.

Proven wrong, Bessie declares the real culprit to be Millie, due to the fact she enjoys shiny objects like tinsel and confetti. But Millie states she was standing behind Bessie, having been smacked in the face by accident when Bessie was dancing.

Bessie states the actual culprit worked in tandem; Portia's older brothers, Richard and Dick Gibbons. Bessie theorizes they have grown tired of bidding to their sister's every whim, and exacted revenge by stealing her locket. However, Gwen states they can't be the culprits as they were not in the room when Portia's locket was stolen, as they were making Portia a half-balloon.

Penny, who had taken dozens of pictures throughout the party, claims she knows who did it: Bessie. Bessie at first denies being the culprit, but Penny shows her through pictures she did indeed steal Portia's locket (albeit unintentionally, as it caught on her sash when she was dancing around the cake). After seeing the evidence, Bessie now notices the locket on her sash, and tells Richard and Dick to take her away. They then escort her out of the party and out of the house.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Matt Besser Anton St. Germain
Dee Bradley Baker Happy



  • Since it was only Portia's half-birthday party, she turns ten-and-a-half in this episode.
  • Running gag: Penny taking pictures with her camera.
  • Anton St. Germain's name is revealed in this episode, stated both on Portia's invitations and by Bessie. Additionally, we learn Anton collects antique dolls (even having a museum of them).
  • Millie is hypoglycemic and enjoys tinsel and confetti.
  • Presents that Portia received:
    • Gwen gave her a unicorn sculpture.
    • Millie bought Portia green gift wrap.
    • Bessie got her light blue bobby socks.
    • Happy regurgitated a dog bone for Portia.
    • Mary Frances gave Portia her solid gold locket.
  • The type of cake served at Portia's party is bubblegum chiffon.
  • Bessie and Penny have been friends for quite a while, since she tells Happy they've known each other since "the sandbox."
  • Anton claims his last name is pronounced "San Ger-man".
  • This episode's title card is the first one to feature Bessie.
  • The last of five episodes to premiere as part of Maximum Higgenbottom Week!.

Cultural references

  • The title is a pun on "Ten Little Indians," one of several titles used for the 1939 mystery novel And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie.

Production information

  • First episode animated by Yeson.
  • This episode's production code is 111B.[2]


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