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"Thanksgiving Beenactment" is the thirtieth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on November 29, 2008.


Bessie and the Honeybees go on a trip to a pilgrim-like town, Colonial Farms, to learn about the pilgrims, but things go wrong when the pilgrims accuse Portia of being a witch when she disregards their rule against technology.[1]


Bessie, who has grown tired of how commercialized Thanksgiving has become, shows her fellow Honeybees she has signed them up to Colonial Farms, a place that simulates Pilgrim life. The other Honeybees aren't thrilled about it until Bessie says they will have no adult supervision from their parents or Mrs. Gibbons.

Once they get there, however, Elder Bagg and Goody Bagg take away all electronics and set them on fire due to technology usage being forbidden, much to the girl's sadness. Gwen and Penny take a blacksmithing class while Bessie and Portia discover they will be sleeping in the barn.

Most of the girls hold resentment towards Bessie for signing them up here, most notably Portia. The latter whines about where she'll go to the bathroom and displays no work ethic when cutting down trees (using a nail file rather than a hatchet).

Meanwhile, Penny forms a friendship with a turkey on the farm and is tasked to feed it, not understanding what will happen to it. Millie is shown helping Elder Bagg cut wood while Bessie tends to the cows and other farm animals.

Portia's brash attitude begins to shock the Pilgrim-esque citizens, and when Bessie and Portia pick cranberries, the pilgrims enjoy her repeatedly falling in the cranberry lake, staining Portia's blonde hair to a bright pink.

At night, Portia retrieves a hair dryer she hid under a haystack, and proceeds to use it. When the citizens overhear the electronic device, they accuse Portia of being a witch. She is found guilty during a mock trial and put in a pillory. Bessie protests this decision and follows Elder Bagg to his shed.

Once inside it, however, Bessie is stunned to discover the pilgrims are merely actors and have themselves been using technology the entire time the girls have been here. She vows to fight back for what they did to Portia.

Getting revenge on the actors, Bessie and the other Honeybees steal all of their electric devices and demand an apology. After reaching a mutual agreement (wherein both the actors and Honeybees can use technology openly), all is well.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dannah Feinglass Penny, Woman One & Lady Pilgrim
Dee Bradley Baker Horse & Mr. Blacksmith
Grey DeLisle Portia, Millie, Woman Two & Town Lady
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Kevin Michael Richardson Elder Bagg & Giant Turkey
Jamie Denbo Goody Bagg



  • Portia mentions wanting to get a Turbo 3 Hairdryer on clearance for Thanksgiving.
  • Bessie states during Portia's trial that they have known each other for seven years.
  • Elder Bagg's actual name is Ron. He is a classically-trained actor and his talent agent is Brenda.
  • One of the pilgrims plays Raspberry Shortcake Space Attack in the breakroom, predating "Dang It Feels Good to Be a Gamester."
  • Actress and comedian Jamie Denbo guest stars in this episode as Goody Bagg.
  • Being an episode centered around Thanksgiving, it aired for the first time during Nickelodeon's Superstuffed Nicktoons Weekend, which was Thanksgiving-themed.

Cultural references

  • The title is a pun on "Thanksgiving reenactment."
  • Ron dislikes the works of Anton Chekhov, something he mentions when his agent wants to perform one of his works in Saratoga.

Production information

  • Has a production code of 112B.[2]
  • As a holiday episode, "Thanksgiving Beenactment" is rarely rerun.[3]
  • During this episode's original airing, a preview of The Penguins of Madagascar aired during the commercial break.[4]


  • Grey DeLisle is not credited for voicing Millie, who had dialogue.


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