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"The Apprentice" is the fifteenth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on June 23, 2008.[1]


Mrs. Gibbons takes on Bessie as her apprentice, hoping to sell enough makeup to keep her company van.


Portia's mom, Mary Frances Gibbons, discovers that if she doesn't make her monthly cosmetic sale quota by the end of the week, she'll lose her company van.

Consequently, she tricks the Honeybees to help package product in order to make her quota (under the guise of having the girls try to earn the Young Entrepreneur badge).

The girls stuff all kinds of cosmetic products (including eye shadow and lipstick) in boxes, when Portia complains about her fingertips chafing. When she rhetorically asks if Bessie can do the stuffing, she proceeds to do Portia's work for her in addition to her own.

Bessie states Mary Frances could make a profit off of selling free tissue samples, which makes Mrs. Gibbons wonder. She loves the idea when Bessie explains ways to use it, and she decides to take Bessie on as her apprentice to boost her cosmetics sales. As a result, all the other Honeybees are "fired."

Portia wakes up to find Bessie doing business work in her bedroom, talking to Mary Frances' boss Janeane. While Mary Frances is in the bathroom, Portia tries to tell her mother she should call the police on Bessie. However, Mrs. Gibbons replies she should ignore her as she's "helping mommy sell her makeup."

Soon after Portia leaves, Bessie startles her when Mary Frances opens the medicine cabinet and finds Bessie hiding inside. Then, Bessie clears Mrs. Gibbons' entire schedule so she can fully dedicate herself to selling product. What's more, Mary Frances and Portia don't even have enough time to eat lunch until the weekend.

It becomes quickly apparent that Bessie's zeal gave Mary Frances much more than she anticipated, as Bessie doesn't even give her space to use the bathroom or eat so she can sell as many cosmetic products as possible. Mrs. Gibbons can't even speak to someone on the phone for more than a few seconds due to how impossibly busy she's become.

After getting fed up with Bessie, Mary Frances tricks her into leaving the unsold makeup at a dump. However, it backfires when Bessie sees multiple bees at the dump, and gets the idea to use the unused makeup as face paint. It turns out to be a success, with Penny helping Bessie apply makeup while Happy keeps track of the tips.

Later, after Bessie sold the most makeup and was given a badge, Mary Frances' boss at Patty Faye, Janeane, shows up and praises Bessie for her ingenuity. She gives her the Patty Faye company van (with Mary Frances pointing out she's too young to even drive it), and she decides to pass it on to The Hippie, who in turn threw the keys into the river.


Voice actress Role
Amy Poehler Bessie
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Grey DeLisle Portia
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Jill Talley Janeane



  • When Mrs. Gibbons is rummaging through her purse finding her cell phone, one of the things thrown out includes a cat.
  • Mrs. Gibbons states that Patty Faye Cosmetics is named after the founder, who is still alive.
  • Mary Frances takes tennis lessons, and likes her coffee double caffeinated with extra foam.
  • Two of the women who Mary Frances was on the phone with were named Peggy Lou and Nancy Young.
  • Three of the Butterfly scouts, one of the June Bug scouts and one of the Ram scouts appear in this episode as background characters; they would become more prominent in "Dragonflies."
  • Mary Frances enjoys doing crossword puzzles and like her daughter, eats gelato.
  • This is the only episode with no male voice actors.
  • Premiered as part of Maximum Higgenbottom Week!.

Cultural references

  • The episode's title is a reference to the reality show of the same name.
  • Patty Faye Cosmetics parodies the makeup line Mary Kay Cosmetics.
  • Janeane's voice is based off of Zsa Zsa Gabor, who in addition to being an actress had her own makeup line.

Production information

  • This episode has a production code of 112A.[2]


  • In the Honeybee Handbook, the young entrepreneur badge is incorrectly spelled as "Yong Entreprener."


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