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M. Hippie,[1] better known as The Hippie, is a hippie who roams around town without "caring" in the world. The Hippie is voiced by Matt Besser, who also voiced Anton St. Germain.[2]

The Hippie has a large distrust in "the man" and others in positions of power, and will often say things that have a pro-environment view (such as viewing the concept of shoes as a way to disconnect humans from the earth).

Easily the calmest of all the adult characters, he runs a shop that functions as both a magic and pawning establishment. Whenever Bessie is in a predicament, The Hippie will help her resolve it.


The Hippie is laid-back, remaining unfazed even in the most stressful circumstances. He often speaks in 1970s-esque lingo, such as "far out." "So Happy Together" shows he paints murals, and is often seen riding on his unicycle. The show's website on Nickelodeon (from 2008) stated he primarily paints psychedelic art and is interested in nature.

He operates a magic/pawn shop, where customers can both pawn items and buy magic-related objects; it plays a large role in both "Blindsided" and "Hen and Bappy." The store often shifts between the two as the plot demands.

Described by Bessie as having the natural talent of loitering, he often talks to others with no real purpose to the conversation, as exemplified in "Higgenbottom's 7" when he does nothing except distract the maintenance man while Bessie gets her dollar back from the bank.

At times when no other adult will understand Bessie and her friends, the Hippie will, and usually can help in some sort of way, such as giving her advice and encouraging her to do the right thing. For instance, in "Macro Mayhem," he educated Bessie about where macrame comes from, and how using it excessively will rob sheep of their wool. He and Happy seem to be on the same wavelength, as in "Bee Nice" the two are sitting in the park feeding pigeons together.

The Hippie gets along well with fellow hippie Rainbow, and like her holds anti-government beliefs; for example, in "Name Shame," The Hippie views the Blue Lake River Toilet Cake song as a brainwashing tactic by the government, and in "Eye of the Honeybee" he opined competitions are a ploy invented to prevent revolution, despite entering the ping pong tournament himself.

Physical appearance

The Hippie is a light-skinned man who has long strawberry blonde hair, which almost reaches his ankles when standing. His beard is lengthy as well. He has a daisy on his scalp, and wears a brown headband, light green t-shirt, dark blue jeans (with a stitched red heart on his left thigh) in addition to having a silver belt buckle modeled after the peace symbol over his jeans. He walks barefoot. On occasion, he also wears gold and white bracelets on his wrists.


Bessie Higgenbottom

The Hippie is Bessie's closest adult friend, and he is fond of her. Bessie frequently goes to his magic/pawn shop, particularly if she needs help of some kind. The Hippie has been shown to give her good advice, such as telling her how her excessive use of macrame caused sheep to lose all their wool in "Macro Mayhem" and how she can fix her mistake. Other times, Hippie isn't of much help to Bessie's situations; he advised that Bessie let Gwen's baby brother free instead of saving him ("Bee My Baby") and in "Hen and Bappy," annoyed Bessie after he accidentally switched Ben and Happy's bodies before doing the same to himself and Bessie.

Happy Higgenbottom

Happy is shown to be Hippie's closest friend, first interacting in "Hen and Bappy." Happy confides to Hippie his frustration with being sent to obedience school in "Hen and Bappy" and the two are seen feeding pigeons at the park ("Bee Nice"). They play around by inhaling helium from balloons in "It's B's Party." Hippie's trust in Happy is best shown in "Bang the Drum Timely," when he gives Happy the keys to his store while away.

Ben Higgenbottom

Although the two meet in "Bat Mitzvah Crashers," they don't share a conservation until "Hen and Bappy." In it, Hippie makes the grave mistake of using magicquitos instead of taquitos, causing Ben and Happy's body swap. Later, both of them are members of the local gentleman's club in "The League of Ordinary Gentlemen," which shows the two are on friendly terms.


Unsurprisingly, Rainbow and Hippie are shown to be close, likely due to both being hippies and anti-government. Bessie wonders in "Macro Mayhem" if anyone will remember her macrame making, when Hippie and Rainbow both affirm to her they will, revealing that Rainbow and Hippie each have long armpit hair that reaches the ground.

Episode appearances

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  • He owns a wooden guitar and knows how to play it, as seen in "So Happy Together."
  • The Hippie owns various types of vehicles or ways of transportation:
  • Participant in the ping pong tournament, where he faced Bessie ("Eye of the Honeybee").
  • The Hippie mentions going to obedience school in "Hen and Bappy," despite being human.
  • Due to his beard, The Hippie states he has to breathe a different way than most. How remains unknown ("Hen and Bappy").
  • Wears a crystal necklace, but this is only seen when he rips his beard off in "Macro Mayhem." The same episode reveals him to be a member of the Macrame Circle.
  • In "Bee Nice," he claims to have had a "tortured phase" and opined that "It rocked!"
  • "Hairy Situation" reveals that:
    • The Hippie has squirrels as friends.
    • His long hair is made possible by his hair tonic, "Hairy Garcia Scalp Freakout."
    • Uses his beard to store various objects.
    • Stashes Brazil nuts behind his left ear.
  • Is a fan of the Sugar Boys ("Bee Plus One").
  • The Hippie claims in "Higgenbottom's 7" that coffee makes him crazy.
  • The Hippie is one of only three characters who has a speaking role in the first and last episodes of the series, alongside Bessie and Happy.


  1. His name appears as "M. Hippie" on the tournament brackets in "Eye of the Honeybee." Screenshot can be found here.
  2. Perlmutter, David (May 4, 2018). The Encyclopedia of American Animated Television Shows. Page 391. Rowman & Littlefield. International standard book number 9781538103746.

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