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"The League of Ordinary Gentlemen" is the thirty-third segment of the second season and the seventy-second segment of The Mighty B! that aired on June 5, 2011.[1]


Happy, The Hippie and Ben form a Gentleman's club and Bessie wants to join.


In The Hive, Bessie writes vampire fiction in order to earn the Hack Write badge and mails it when finished. Bessie decides to check up on Ben, Happy and The Hippie, but is surprised to find all of them missing. Upon seeing The Hippie inside his shop and Ben and Happy out back, Bessie decides to sneak inside.

After narrowly entering, Bessie knocks on a door with a lion's head on it. The lion head spits out sheet music for Bessie to mimic while knocking, and she successfully copies it. The door opens to reveal Ben, Happy and The Hippie have a gentleman's club.

Ben claims that since Bessie is not a gentleman, she is ineligible to join their club. Upset by this, Bessie proceeds to put on a hat and monocle, with The Hippie claiming she looks the part. Ben reluctantly decides to let his sister try out for the club.

Bessie manages to ace top hat tipping with ease, and continues to excel when challenged to tip her hat at sirs and madams, but avoiding peasants. In Hilary's Café, Bessie and Ben must tip their hats every time Hilary walks by. Bessie outdoes a tired Ben, much to the latter's anger.

Next, Bessie rides a bicycle while balancing teacups on a tight rope, something she succeeds at, receiving a round of applause from an impressed Happy and The Hippie. Ben decides to play dirty by shaking the rope, though this only results in the bicycle turning into a table with the teacups unharmed. The guys demonstrate the gentleman's theme song, followed by Bessie performing it with far more skill than they have, causing Ben to get frustrated.

Happy and The Hippie congratulate Bessie on how well she has done so far, with Bessie replying she can't wait to join the club. Ben, unwilling to allow his sister to join, claims every eligible gentleman must grow facial hair. Bessie quips Ben doesn't even have any, though he grows a mustache within seconds. Bessie tries to do the same, only to grow a nose hair (which Ben claims does not count). She continues pushing herself until accidentally passing gas, disgusting the guys who promptly throw her out for ungentlemanly behavior.

In response, Bessie forms her own gentleman's club, with Millie and Penny as charter members. When Ben interrupts their meeting, Bessie throws him out as mustachioed gentlemen aren't allowed in her club. Outside, Ben angrily opines they can't be gentlemen since Bessie, Millie and Penny are ladies.

At a cane shop, Bessie and Ben each spot a dolphin cane and fight over it, though Bessie ultimately lets Ben have it. Later, at the park, the gentlemen are playing croquet when the lady gentlemen are practicing their archery nearby, annoying the guys. Both sides insist the other leave, with the gentlemen obliging. However, the girls notice the guys disrespected them by not tipping their hats before leaving.

Bessie tries to settle the score by breaking Ben's monocle. An all out war commences, with The Hippie trying to keep the peace only to join the fight himself. Anton then appears, demanding everyone stop fighting at once. He scolds all of them for ungentlemanly behavior, and proceeds to strip them of their gentleman's credentials before flying away with his umbrella.

Ben is the first to apologize and accept responsibility on behalf of the gentlemen, yet Bessie insists she and the girls were at fault. Ben and Happy claim it was they who were in the wrong, followed by Bessie, Millie and Penny all saying otherwise. Within seconds, both the guys and girls start fighting each other again as the episode ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Matt Besser The Hippie & Anton St. Germain
Grey DeLisle Millie
Dannah Feinglass Penny



  • The genre of Bessie's fiction is adult fantasy/romance novel.
  • It took Bessie five hours to write her vampire story.
  • Bessie mentions the existence of Sudden Death Pineapple.
  • Bessie and Ben play speed chess together.
  • The Hippie mentions he and the others ordered a pizza when Bessie enters the room.
  • The gentleman names are as follows:
    • Ben: Benington
    • Happy: Frasier
    • The Hippie: Hippington
  • Running gag: Ben's dickey slapping him in the face.
  • Anton mentions being the head of the San Francisco League of Gentlemen.
  • Anton and Donald make their final appearances in this episode.

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