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Welcome to the Block Guidelines page. Below, you will learn how warnings and blocks work on the wiki.

Note for administrators: a block should only be seen as a last resort, when a user has consistently failed to listen to your guidance. In only rare circumstances (i.e., vandalism, spamming or trolling) should a block be given out instantly. It is not appropriate to immediately block a new editor who simply doesn't know the ropes yet. It discourages learning and collaboration, which is what this wiki is about.


If one violates the Rules and Regulations, they will receive a warning and some advice. If this occurs again, another warning will be issued, and one more if it has happened once more after that.

A user will be blocked for three days if they have failed to follow the rules after these warnings were issued, hopefully allowing them enough time to review the rules while blocked. Once a block is over, a user receives three warnings again.


A first block lasts 3 days, which should give the blocked user plenty of time to review the rules in earnest and reflect over mistakes they made while actively editing. However, if a person is blocked for the second time, they will receive a 2 week block, followed by 1 month, 3 month and 6 month blocks.

In the extreme scenario that a user has still yet to grasp the rules of the wiki after a 6 month block, a year long block will be issued, and an infinite block if it becomes clear after a year long block that the contributor simply has no interest in following the rules.

Attempting to evade your block by creating alternate accounts (the act of sockpuppeting) will result in the primary account's block extension and the sockpuppet will be banned.

Block disputes

Those blocked will be allowed to testify it on their message wall, as it is genuinely possible the administrator in question abused their powers or the situation was simply a misunderstanding. Additionally, if a blocked user states they have thoroughly read and understand the rules and are ready to contribute again, a block may be lifted as an act of good faith.