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The following is a list of rules and regulations that all editors - administrators and otherwise - are expected to follow. In general, it is best to assume good faith. Your fellow editors are just as passionate about the show and improving the wiki as you are; there is usually no need to assume the worst of them, especially if said editor is new and just needs some guidance. Most of these offenses will result in warnings, unless otherwise noted.

Please view the Manual of Style on how to edit the wiki, and consult the Block Guidelines for information on warnings and blocks.

Rules and Regulations

  • In line with Fandom's Terms of Use and the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), children who are under 13 years of age are not permitted to edit here.
  • Help the wiki grow: Contribute to the wiki and its development by correcting spelling errors, expanding article stubs and adding pictures! If you need help or are seeking articles that could use the most assistance, just ask an administrator.
  • Keep things age appropriate: As The Mighty B! is a children's cartoon, profanity (or swear words) are not allowed on here. Adult-themed subjects (i.e., sex) will not be permitted on the social aspect of the site. However, adult jokes within the show and references related to the subject are an exception to the rule. For example, explaining adult jokes and episode titles based on swears are acceptable as they educate the reader on their origin.
  • Be respectful of others and their differences: Bigotry of any kind (racism, transphobia, homophobia, antisemitism, etc.) will absolutely not be tolerated. Unlike most of the rules listed here, you will receive an immediate block (3 days if it's your first, longer if you've done this previously) rather than warnings for engaging in this behavior.
  • Disruptive editing: Vandalism, spamming and trolling will result in a block, if it is clear said user is not editing in good faith.
  • No copy pasting: This particularly applies to cast and crew pages. Please avoid plagiarizing another website's description, especially Wikipedia. It is better to write in your own words, detailing the person's career (preferably with sources). Copy pasting from another website will result in a warning.
  • Communicate disagreements: If you and another user have differing viewpoints on an article, it is best to message them and attempt to reach a compromise rather than engaging in edit wars. Failure to do so will lead to warnings.
  • Do not sockpuppet, the act of using another account to evade a preexisting block. This will only result in the sockpuppet being banned while the main account will have its block extended.
  • No fan fiction on articles: Fanon material of any kind is not allowed in articles; you can, however, edit our sister wiki which is dedicated to this purpose: Mighty B! Fanon Wiki. Additionally, your user page can be used to house your fan ideas about the show. Failure to do this will lead to warnings.
  • Respect the privacy of real people on their articles: This is especially applicable to crew member pages. Please do not provide personal information (such as birth date) without a reliable source, as we do not want to invade the person's privacy unless it's confirmed to be true elsewhere on the web. If evidence cannot be found for such personal information, your edit will be reverted and a warning will follow.
  • Infoboxes: Nearly every article on the wiki should have an infobox to educate readers basic statistics about the person, place or thing, as it is helpful for readers. Removing them will result in a warning.
  • Do not edit another user's user page: Editing someone else's user page, especially with malicious intent, will result in a warning. There are exceptions to this rule, however, such as administrators editing these pages for maintenance or the user in question asked permission from the other user to edit the page.
  • Do not remove warnings on your message wall: If a staff member on the wiki issues a warning, it is meant to help you learn the guidelines this wiki follows. Removing it is not allowed under any circumstances. You will be reminded of this rule if it happens the first time, but if said behavior continues, warnings of their own will follow.
  • Avoid posting links where one can watch the show illegally; instead, alert editors that the show can be watched legally on Paramount Plus.