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"To Bee or Not To Bee" is the twenty-eighth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on November 29, 2008.


Bessie wins the chance to have tea with Miriam Breedlove, the president of the Honeybees, but Portia and Gwen sabotage her chance by feeding her false information and odd etiquette.


At the Rec Center, Mrs. Gibbons announces to Honeybee Troop 828 that a contest will be held; the winner will have a private tea meeting with the Honeybees president, Miriam Breedlove, and able to ask her three questions of the winner's choosing. Bessie, Gwen and Portia all react with delight, with Bessie stating "wishing for the stars works!" Mary Frances gives her daughter Portia a wink, and even paints "Congratulations Portia" before the contest has even begun.

We then see Miriam watching the videos Troop 828 sent in, starting with Millie. In the video, she stumbles over her words and states "being a Honeybee means I have someplace to go on Saturdays." She proceeds to bring up her grandmother's knitting circle, but is at a loss for words afterwards. Moving on, Miriam inputs the next tape, which happens to be Portia's. However, her video isn't at all about the Honeybees and is about Portia's "ultra glam life." She instructs the viewer to look into her closet, and Miriam already ejects the tape from the VCR, giving her less time than she did Millie.

Next up is Penny, who simply touches the camera with her index finger several times followed by breathing on it. After this, Bessie's tape is the next to be played, which starts with Bessie at her desk in The Hive. She explains the Honeybees are essentially Olympian girls, as the activities keep her in "top physical condition." She flexes her muscles, which droop seconds later. She proceeds to do an obstacle course, involving tires, an empty oil drum, monkey bars and finally climbs the tether ball rod to the top. Bessie asks "not impressed?", before explaining she did all the above with a ladybug on her nose.

Bessie states being a Honeybee doesn't take just physical prowess, but mental ability as well. Happy walks in and makes fun of Bessie's pose, much to her annoyance. Next in the "Honeybee triangle" is a heart; Bessie proceeds to "help" two old men playing checkers by yanking one of them away to walk on the crosswalk. Angered, he smacks his cane over Bessie's head, but they still managed to reach the sidewalk. A satisfied Bessie states "A Honeybee's job is its own reward," followed by the old man using his cane once again. Next, Bessie is seen reading from the Honeybee Handbook, and states people often ask her why pages 123-126 are missing from the Handbook. She simply states they're missing, and answers as to why that is: they may reveal too much. Bessie theorizes that the missing pages discuss that whoever earns every single badge will become a superhero known as The Mighty B. Bessie yells this as she holds up a drawing of her Mighty B form.

Having watched Bessie's video all the way through, Miriam is seen rewinding the tape, causing Bessie to repeat "The Mighty B" multiple times. Back at the Rec Center, Mrs. Gibbons is about to open an envelope that will reveal who won the contest. She has a disgusted look on her face for a few seconds before saying in disappointment Bessie Higgenbottom won. Bessie yells out her excitement, leaving everyone bewildered.

With six days left until her meeting with Miriam, Bessie rehearses with Ben reading from a "Miss Manners" book and Happy as the butler. Miss Manners insists that proper tea etiquette includes swiftly lifting a tea cup with one's pinkie out. An annoyed Ben says under his breath he better become Bessie's sidekick when she's Mighty B. Just then, someone knocks on The Hive's door. It's Gwen and Portia. Gwen congratulates Bessie's win, but dupes her into giving her a mock high-five. Portia and Gwen, winking to each other, work to sabotage Bessie by teaching her "proper" etiquette. This entails having Bessie speak in a fake British accent and wanting crumpets. Portia asks what Bessie will do when offered crumpets, and proceeds to take many off the plate, dumping them in the tea and eats them all in one bite. Bessie questions the need for the English accent, but Gwen and Portia each yell at her for it.

Gwen asks Bessie if she's going to be wearing her Honeybee uniform, and soon Bessie is now wearing a sheepherder's outfit. Portia ensures Bessie Miriam will love it. Eventually, the day comes where Bessie must meet up with Miriam, where she was writing out her entire conversation with Miriam and not including any questions. Bessie is about to leave until Miriam's assistant tells her the tea won't happen at Le Fancy and is taking place elsewhere. A grateful Bessie leaves as it's shown it was actually Portia who called her. Bessie wonders why Miriam wants to meet her at the top of a skyscraper, but decides to go inside the building anyway. As the elevator closes on her, she has no choice but to run up the stairs to reach the top.

When she reaches the top, Bessie sees a garden club inside the greenhouse. She next goes to the local petting zoo, where several sheep are next to her. Bessie is trying to make sense of the call as she tries finding Miriam. She leaves the zoo, with the sheep following her. Now in a bat cave, Bessie asks for Miriam but only finds a bat and the sheep. Now exhausted, Bessie is slowly walking around town. At last, she finds Le Fancy and goes inside with the sheep. At first Bessie is worried she is too late, and Miriam's assistant tells her she is 23 minutes late. Bessie corrects him, stating she is 23 minutes and 49 seconds late, and is upset and humiliated at her tardiness. He also states she only has 6 minutes left with her, causing Bessie to freak out further.

Bessie sees Miriam several feet away, and nervously approaches her as she's whispering "Cool like a cucumber" to herself. Upon standing behind Miriam's seat, Bessie pokes her on the shoulder, which causes Miriam to reveal her full face to the viewer. Miriam admits she was almost going to give up on Bessie, and states she's glad Bessie made it. Doing what Gwen and Portia taught her, Bessie speaks with a British accent and says she's Miriam and Miriam's Bessie. Miriam corrects her, and Bessie is clearly nervous. Miriam takes the edge off by stating Bessie should take off her bonnet, and offers her some cake. Seeing utensils, an anxious Bessie isn't sure whether to use a fork or not. Miriam points this out, and an embarrassed Bessie goes through all her "etiquette" training trying to make up for it.

Miriam offers her a proposition: Bessie can ask her any question she'd like, and if Miriam doesn't want to answer it, she won't. Bessie considers asking about sash size and why Miriam dedicated her life to the Honeybees, but admits to only wanting to know one thing. Miriam encourages Bessie, saying "Go ahead, Fred." Bessie says she wants to know the truth about The Mighty B. Miriam proceeds to whisper in Bessie's ear, but it's inaudible due to several mishaps in the restaurant being too loud to hear it. Miriam finishes off with the audible "But you didn't hear that from me." Seconds later, Miriam's assistant tells her it's time to go, and she bids Bessie farewell, saying "Sorry hon, I gotta run!" An excited Bessie yells "I knew it!", proving Bessie was right all along about the Mighty B being real.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Dee Bradley Baker Happy
Grey DeLisle Portia & Millie
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Niecy Nash Miriam Breedlove
John Ross Bowie Assistant



  • Bessie states in her video a girl must be between the ages of 7 to 12 for membership in the Honeybees.
  • Bessie yells Ben's name during her video, meaning he was the cameraman.
  • After Mrs. Gibbons announces the winner, Bessie has blue eyes in a close-up.
  • The name of the restaurant Bessie has tea with Miriam is called "Le Fancy." Her calendar shows that took place on Saturday.
  • Members of the garden club include Anton St. Germain, Lola Millerson and Madam Valeska.
  • Miriam states cake always calms her nerves.
  • This episode premiered as a part of Nicktoons Superstuffed Weekend.
  • The last time Miriam Breedlove physically appears; however, she continues to be mentioned throughout the series.

Cultural references

Production information

  • Nisa's video was going to be shown, but the scene was later cut.[2]


  • Even though Bessie says she has six more days, her calendar indicates she only has four.


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