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"Toot Toot" is the twentieth segment of the first season of The Mighty B! that aired on November 29, 2008.


After Bessie passes gas during a Honeybee troop meeting, she is expelled and has her sash stripped.[1]


Portia tries to convince her fellow Honeybees that they are too old to be selling taffy, and instead should distribute Portia's own lip gloss line, which Gwen calls Beestung. However, Bessie accidentally farts due to her lactose intolerance, resulting in the other girls being disgusted with her.

With Mary Frances Gibbons as the judge, Penny and Portia talk about how awful it smelled; Penny describes the smell as being of "rotten eggs and chocolate ice cream." Even Bessie's lawyer, Happy, sells her out after Gwen bribes him with a dog biscuit. When asked what her defense is, Bessie says "Whoever smelt it, dealt it."

All the Honeybees find Bessie guilty of "grievous flatulence," in the first, second and third degrees. After proclaiming Honeybees don't fart, Mary Frances bans Bessie from the Honeybees. Bessie feels immense shame for farting, and leaves the troop feeling disgraced.

At home, Bessie tries to tell Ben and Rocky what happened. She claims she can't say it, so Bessie gives the two a visual clue: using ketchup. Rocky figures it out immediately, but Bessie stops him before he can say the word. However, Rocky responds with "everybody farts." Ben claims one should be "loud and proud" about farting, but Bessie tells her brother it's different for girls. After she gets off her chair and it makes a noise, Bessie insists it was the chair and not her farting.

Bessie feels glum, going around town without cracking a smile and sadly looks at herself in the mirror. Meanwhile, at the Recreation Center, the remaining Honeybees are bored. Penny points out the meetings aren't as fun without Bessie, but Gwen and Portia both claim it's still fun. When Portia asks where the snacks are, Penny tells her it's Bessie who brings them.

With Portia leading, the Honeybees all wait at the bus stop to go on a field trip, though the "trip" is just Portia going to the mall trying all types of makeup. Gwen states that was Bessie's job, with Penny chiming in Bessie knew the bus route by heart. After missing the bus, they go downtown in the subway, but are frightened by a rat.

Mary Frances is "watering" the plant with coffee grounds as the phone rings. Upon answering it, an elderly man chastises her for not bringing any members of the troop to the nursing home. Portia runs in, stating she stubbed her toe and her nail polish is chipped.

After Mary Frances tells Penny to get the first aid kit, Penny says that Bessie has the key to it. Portia kicks the table in anger, but only makes her stubbed toe worse. It becomes increasingly apparent the Honeybees need Bessie in order to function as a troop.

Gwen, Penny and Portia stop by Bessie's house for a visit. Portia points out her mother would probably allow Bessie back in if she apologized, but Bessie states she deserves the punishment. The trio try to convince Bessie to come back in various attempts, such as Penny tasting taffy and Gwen dropping a Honeybee Handbook on the sidewalk, which Bessie takes with her.

Bessie almost throws the Handbook in a nearby fire to keep two Hobo clowns warm. However, upon inspecting the badge list, Bessie notices a badge that has never been given out before, The Toot Toot badge. With Happy's help, Bessie tries to earn this obscure badge.

Honeybee Troop 828 is bored out of their minds when Bessie surprisingly pays the girls a visit, with Ben and Rocky in tow. Bessie tries to tell the others that farting is natural and shouldn't be looked down upon, with Ben backing her up with the Toot Toot badge's description, stating "Honeybees do fart!"

Rocky introduces Bessie formally before she "lets it rip." However, despite her attempts, she can't fart. But Happy, also present at the scene, farts instead, with the girls thinking it was Bessie who passed gas.

Once again, the girls are practically suffocating. Even though Bessie states it wasn't her, Mary Frances feels Bessie made her point. In doing so, Bessie is reinstated as a Honeybee and becomes the first girl to earn the Toot Toot badge.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Andy Richter Ben
Kenan Thompson Rocky
Grey DeLisle Portia
Jessica DiCicco Gwen
Dannah Feinglass Penny
Sarah Thyre Mary Frances Gibbons
Dee Bradley Baker Happy & Old Man



  • Portia's comment all of Troop 828 is 10 (except for Bessie, who is 9 ¾) would imply Bessie is the youngest girl in the troop.
  • The lip gloss Portia wants to sell contains trans fats, ammonia, metal shavings and red dye number 5.
  • Portia tempts Bessie to come back by giving her Mrs. Gibbons' badges from the 1980s; this means Mary Frances herself was a Honeybee in her youth.
  • The old man on the phone calling Mrs. Gibbons sounds identical to Penny's fake grandfather from "Bat Mitzvah Crashers."
  • Alongside "To Bee or Not to Bee" and "Thanksgiving Beenactment," this premiered as part of Superstuffed Nicktoons Weekend.

Cultural references

  • The episode title refers to the fact "toot" is often shorthand for farting.
  • When Bessie is under the table, we see she was reading the book Remembrance of Things Past. Even the author's surname, Proust, is on the book's spine in the episode.
  • Rocky stating that everybody farts is a reference to Everyone Poops, a book educating children on pooping.

Production information

  • During the storyboard phase of this episode, Bernie Petterson was fired by Erik Wiese.[2] Ken Boyer and Piero Piluso were tasked with completing the rest of "Toot Toot."
  • This episode originally aired alongside "To Bee or Not To Bee,"[3] as opposed to its sister episode "Ten Little Honeybees."
  • Although aired as one half of the tenth episode, "Toot Toot" was produced much earlier in the first season's production cycle, with The Los Angeles Times stating it was the fourth such made.[4]
  • Amy Poehler has stated this is one of her favorite episodes.[5]
  • Although a clip from the episode was uploaded on TurboNick in June 2008, the episode itself did not air until five months later.
  • Last episode animated by Toon City.


  • In the scene with Bessie under the table, Bessie's eyes are accidentally colored dark blue (the same kind used for her eyelids) rather than the usual lighter shade.


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