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Tour D’Alcatraz Gallery Transcript

"Tour D’Alcatraz" is the fifth segment of the second season and the forty-fourth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on September 24, 2009.


Bessie takes Happy to Alcatraz to teach him a lesson, only to be mistaken for wanted criminals.


Bessie talks to Penny about earning the Soprano badge, wanting to write a six hour rock opera as opposed to doing Madame Butterfly. However, after Penny asks if Bessie shaved Happy, Bessie discovers Happy is off leash.

The two find Happy chasing after a cat, with Bessie apologizing to the owner for her dog's actions. Happy defends himself, saying he was just joyriding. Bessie opines that tomorrow it could be "stealing dog collars or selling catnip." She puts the leash back on Happy, with the latter still not taking her seriously. Consequently, Bessie takes he, herself and Penny to Alcatraz so Happy can a get a taste of prison life.

While on a ferry heading towards Alcatraz, Happy is still flippant while Penny is frightened at the prospect of going there. Bessie whispers in her friend's ear it's actually a museum and no longer a prison. She uses Penny's fear to chastise Happy for his refusal to take this seriously.

Now inside, Bessie recounts Alcatraz's history as a prison (in use from 1934 to 1963), and tries to scare Happy straight by saying "Hm, wonder if that included leashless dogs." Just then, a man named Captain Stonewall properly welcomes the tourists to Alcatraz, and introduces himself. He states to have once been a guard for the prison until its shut down, and is now a tour guide. Stonewall proceeds to crush a child's camera, claiming flash photography is not allowed.

Stonewall sees Happy walking off leash, when Bessie looks very familiar to him, rubbing his eyes in shock. Just then, two ex-convicts who look very similar to Bessie and Penny are seen on the wall (Doogle and McGee), and Stonewall is starting to become convinced the girls are the ex-cons in question. Bessie is shown telling Happy that inmates can't choose what they eat at Alcatraz, only to find a child on the leash instead. With Stonewall eavesdropping on her, he becomes suspicious when Bessie says "How am I supposed to teach you not to go off leash if you're always going off leash?"

As Happy tries to find a name plate with his name on it, he gives Bessie a "Whatevs" sign, which causes Bessie to put Happy's leash back on. Penny is seen hiding near a coat rack of prison jumpsuits, with Bessie and Penny putting them on. Stonewall, who had been spying on the two, now believes with certainty Bessie and Penny are McGee and Doogle, as an oblivious Bessie asks Stonewall to give her dog a "deluxe" tour in order to scare him. Stonewall decides to throw the trio into prison.

Stonewall confronts who he thinks is McGee and Doogle, with the girls still unaware they have been genuinely imprisoned. Bessie asks if Happy is scared yet, only to be surprised that he has already escaped the cell. When Bessie calls for him, Happy laughs at her. She asks for Happy to come back, but he prepares to leave by ferry. However, he notices Captain Stonewall making a call to the governor that he has caught McGee and Doogle, only to find out the connection has been cut and Stonewall is not speaking to anyone.

Happy, now aware that Bessie and Penny are in danger, leaves the ferry and swims back to Alcatraz. Bessie looks on the bright side, saying they can "enjoy the perks of prison." However, before Penny jumps on her bunk bed, she sees a rat and aims on Bessie's instead. Penny proceeds to eat soap while Bessie plays the harmonica.

In Happy's first attempt to rescue the girls, he disguises himself as a Honeybee selling taffy. Bessie literally becomes a one man band as Penny uses soap to sculpt herself, calling the art piece "Me in Soap." Meanwhile, Happy masquerades as the governor to convince Stonewall McGee and Doogle have been pardoned. This works, until Happy's mustache falls off. As Bessie tries to lift weights, Happy has a large cake in hand. Stonewall falls for it, claiming to love birthdays.

The four each celebrate, with Bessie wondering if there is a nail file in the cake so they can escape. However, when Stonewall cuts the cake, it turns out a jet pack was inside it. Now aware of the ruse, he re-imprisons Happy and gives McGee and Doogle another life sentence. With Stonewall distracted, Happy turns on the jet pack, which causes Captain Stonewall to fly away. Penny then reveals while Bessie was lifting weights, she carved an escape route with her soap shovel.

Through it, Bessie, Happy and Penny arrive in Penny's room, with Penny excited for her father's Pizza Padoodles. Bessie asks her dog if he learned anything, only to run away off leash. Bessie reminds Happy leashes are the law as she and Penny run after him. Unbeknownst to them, they pass by the real McGee and Doogle, now both elderly men. McGee comments "What a bad dog" as the episode ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie & McGee
Will Arnett Captain Stonewall
Dannah Feinglass Penny & Doogle
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Kid & Man



  • Happy enjoys musical theater.
  • Penny is implied to use a child harness so she won't get lost.
  • The full names of Doogle and McGee are Scooter Doogle and Marbles McGee, respectively.
  • According to Captain Stonewall, McGee and Doogle escaped at night with a hot air balloon.
  • Stonewall mentions Alcatraz took away his pension.
  • The cell Marbles McGee (and later Bessie and Penny) inhabited was #920.
  • After escaping, Doogle and McGee opened a locksmith business in 1963, which was still active as of this episode.
  • Will Arnett (Amy Poehler's then-husband) provides the voice of Captain Stonewall.
  • The same rat from "So Happy Together" appears, except with a different color scheme.
  • On its first airing, this episode was part of the Brand New Mighty B! block and was paired with "Bee Nice" instead of "Dirty Happy."
  • The last time this episode (along with "Dirty Happy") aired on Nicktoons was December 19, 2015.

Cultural references

  • The story is based on the real Alcatraz, which was said to be inescapable. It was shut down and turned into a museum after convicts escaped just like in the episode.
  • On a photo collage of "America's Worst Criminals," one of them is former U.S. president George W. Bush.

Production information

  • Originally scheduled to air on September 23, 2009,[1] it was delayed for unknown reasons before airing the following day alongside "Bee Nice."
  • This episode's production code is 203B.[2]


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