The Mighty B! Honeybee
  • I live in Cincinnati, OH
  • My occupation is I work at Kroger part-time
  • I am Boy

Hey there, The Mighty B users! My name is Duckieboy01. I am a cartoon fanatic that has interests in all the cartoons in any shape or form!

My history of The Mighty Bee Wiki!

What made me join The Mighty B! Wiki, you may ask? It's because of a page in particular: We Got the Bee! (DVD). I realized that the page was missing a bunch of important information and it was also new that time when I made edits. At the time, I really didn't have the skill to really edit much of this type of wiki that specializes in cartoons because I was pretty much starting as I can.

I remember watching this show back in about the 2010s and until 2011 where I've stopped watching to see more new cartoons at the time that I want to see.

Here's a little fact about me: I've created a Mii on my 3Ds and Wii which is a dog character called Roxxy on the final episode of this series. I still remember having her on My 3Ds and Wii, and she was in at least one of My games with her.

Since I like to edit wikis, so I've moved my interests to this wiki if I have a chance. Apparently, I do have the chance to move into this wiki because the other wikis are taken care of.

You might expect some updates from Me because I am sorta active since I've bought Season 1, and 2 on Amazon, and having a growing interest of The Mighty B! again, and this wiki. If I'm not as active that much nowadays, it's just because I have a part-time job and I also have school to attend. That's simply it. I'm still active on FANDOM but not as much.

Nowadays, You can find Me edit some pages of the wiki of The Mighty B! Also, I am sorta active of this wiki, so expect a new good update from me. Enjoy my profile page!

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