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"YiPs" is the thirtieth segment of the second season and the sixty-ninth segment of The Mighty B! that aired on May 22, 2011.[1]


Bessie and Happy go on a police ride-along.


Bessie and Happy are in the back of a cop car, as Bessie is excited to see crime up close and personal. She and Happy mimic cop sirens in anticipation. The cops simply give someone a parking ticket, though Bessie would rather the perpetrator serve jail time. One of the cops assures Bessie that it's a slow day, and she'll earn the Junior Policeman badge either way. Happy tries cheering her up with free donuts, to no avail.

The shorter cop, noticing Bessie's upset, whispers something inaudible to police dispatch. Seconds later, dispatch tells the cops of illegal activity nearby, making Bessie ecstatic. A man stealing a purse is seen trying to escape, failing multiple times. Bessie is confused when the cops simply do nothing and let the thief get away. The short cop tries to calm Bessie down, assuring her the Junior Policeman badge is hers to earn no matter what. But Bessie isn't satisfied, and claims she's no longer interested in the ride along. The cops oblige, driving away and leaving Bessie and Happy behind.

Accepting that the cops aren't doing the job they should, she and Happy decide to become cops themselves, complete with uniforms, sunglasses, and mustaches. After they dress up, the two are ready to patrol the streets of San Francisco. A montage plays of Bessie spying on a bird, which Happy interrogates, followed by the duo doing several poses. She and Happy then refocus by setting their sights on the purse snatcher from earlier.

They each barge in the police station, where Bessie asks the cops from the ride along if the laboratory returned any findings about the thief. The short cop replies there isn't, but claims he'll let Bessie know if anything comes up. Then, Bessie recognizes the thief now dressed in a cop uniform, following him around alongside Happy. Bessie asks why the other cops don't seem to recognize him, with Happy pointing out he could be a cop himself. This makes Bessie worried he's a corrupt cop.

Bessie and Happy witness the short cop hand over a dollar bill to the purse snatcher, which Bessie takes as bribery. They continue investigating the police station, where Happy manages to destroy the thief's locker. Sure enough, the same pink purse is located inside, confirming him as the thief. He and Bessie open the chief's door, only to find the thief having a conversation with the chief. The duo show themselves out.

With Bessie unable to trust any of the other cops, she and Happy resolve to work together in the name of justice. Once the thief leaves, the two follow his trail, only to crash in a fruit stand and end up at a warehouse instead. Bessie thinks they've lost him, but Happy points towards the donut shop, where the purse snatcher enters. Before entering, Bessie and Happy notice the other cops inside eating donuts. Now inside, Bessie points a flashlight at the thief, wanting to arrest him.

The purse snatcher is confused until Bessie mentions his dirty deed from earlier, calling out the other cops for their complacency. The short cop explains to her the purse snatching was staged to make the ride along more interesting. Bessie admits embarrassment until Happy discovers something incriminating in the donut box: multiple purses.

Now caught red-handed, it turns out the purse snatcher truly is a thief, having stolen purses around San Francisco. He threatens to shoot Happy with a jelly filled donut, with Bessie bringing out her water gun. The other cops are seemingly on Bessie's side, having their donuts ready to fire. Bessie assures the cops she won't tell a soul about what happened when the thief reveals himself to be Al Capone. Bessie is not worried, believing the other cops are on her side, until they all unmask and turn out to be criminals in disguise.

Happy surprises Capone when he unmasks himself, and it turns out John Gotti impersonated him. The real Happy is shown unzipping his Jesse James disguise. Then, Al Capone turns out to have been the chief of police. He unmasks John Dillinger to reveal the other cops tied up. One of them then reveals himself to be Happy again. Confusion arises when Happy zips himself and reveals Bessie, followed by Bessie turning out to be the true Happy.

With that settled, Happy rips off the chief's face to reveal the chief's evil twin brother. As one last bit of surprise, Bessie unzips the donut shop to reveal they were at the police station all along. The chief's evil twin, Bonnie and Clyde are all arrested for their purse snatching.

The chief gives Bessie her Junior Policeman badge; although she at first declines the badge, feeling she doesn't deserve it, the chief assures Bessie she did more than enough to earn the badge, and Bessie happily accepts. Bessie and Happy prepare to leave, though the chief reminds them they have to file a report (which is multiple pages long) on the arrests before the two can go. Finding paperwork exciting, Bessie can't wait to start as the episode ends.


Voice actor Roles
Amy Poehler Bessie
Dee Bradley Baker Happy, Cop Two & Old Man
Rob Paulsen Chief, Perp Cop & Radio Dispatch
Mike O'Malley Cop One



  • The purse snatching occurred on 17th Market Street.
  • Other things in the thief's locker included a boot, flashlight, jackets, towel, water bottle and an issue of Donut Hole Magazine, the latter of which Happy steals.
  • Bessie mentions Happy has been to a food counselor before.
  • Water guns were previously used in "Dirty Happy."
  • Mike O'Malley, best known for his role on sitcom Yes, Dear, guest stars as Cop One.
  • Bessie mentioned having earned the Junior Policeman badge in "Awww-esome," meaning this episode chronologically takes place before the former.
  • This episode holds the record for shortest episode title, at one word and four letters.

Cultural references

  • The episode's title and premise is a reference to the television series CHiPs.
  • At the beginning of the episode, the police dispatch mentions a 10-18; this is slang for an urgent assignment.
  • When Bessie breaks down the chief's door, Happy does the finger pose made famous by Charlie's Angels.
  • This episode uses famous criminals (all deceased) in the United States: Bonnie and Clyde, Al Capone, John Dillinger, John Gotti and Jesse James.
  • The multiple unmaskings reference Scooby-Doo, who often use this plot device to reveal the culprit behind a mystery.

Production information


  • In the closeup shot of Happy holding the magazine, his hands are colored as if they were a light skinned human's.


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